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Dreaming about a storm and your lover

4 Replies Asked by Hugo | 2/6/2018 4:07:52 PM

Hello, Yesterday I had the strangest dream ever. I was with my girlfriend in an event from my job, with a lot of people from the school I work and it was like a ceremony. Everyone there seemed happy. But at somepoint, close to the end of the ceremony, i was holding hands with my girlfriend, having a laugh when suddently i saw a tornado forming in a lake really close to us and i looked at the sky and it started raining as hell. I held her hand and we started both running towards a house at the end of the street, always holding hands. When we got there, the house was all made of glass, and I looked back and there was a big lightning storm at the bottom of the sky. I just remember waking up after this dream, I woke up calm, not sweaty or scaried, but normal, in the middle of the nighttime. Can someone help me understand this please?

water dreaming

1 Reply Asked by norberto lincopines | 2/6/2018 1:47:31 PM

hello..i dreaming i pitch a water because my sister told me to pitch a water in heavy pale..and i bring what is that mean thank

Giving medicine

1 Reply Asked by Sum | 2/6/2018 7:36:15 AM

I dreamt I was giving medicine and I somehow missed giving patient medication with knowning that it’s due. In real life I’m a nurse, for some reason I told a patient I will be back but didn’t show up. I wonder what that means.

Homewrecker, Yelling, Abuse

1 Reply Asked by Dean Winchester | 2/5/2018 11:50:14 AM

This was my friends dream and we are trying to figure it out. Mema (her grandmother) was sitting in the passenger seat Me and mom where sitting in the back seat and Kathy (her other grandmother that she hates) was driving.... Kathy was talking about having an affair and that she's leaving papa Bill (grandfather) for someone that's richer... I called her something I can't remember what exactly I said but it was somewhere along the line of your a homerecker... Then she said so you know everything!? And I said YES. Then she grabbed my leg and pulled me to the front of the car she hit me in the stomach and she got in a car accident.


1 Reply Asked by norberto lincopines | 2/3/2018 12:36:20 PM

i and my friend cooking a snake then one of my friend cook in big kettle..after that the heart of the snake becomes alive again then i was afraid

blood dreaming

2 Replies Asked by norberto lincopines | 2/3/2018 12:32:38 PM

i hit a one person in a bat in head and too much bleeding what is the meaning thanks

dreaming a two white pig

1 Reply Asked by norberto lincopines | 2/3/2018 12:27:52 PM

i dream a two pig i was able to safeguard theme in a piggery thank you


1 Reply Asked by Ahmed Shiyam | 1/31/2018 1:07:11 AM

i saw a rabbit in a dream two times. What it means to me.

Being relieve of job with a two months payoff

2 Replies Asked by Abayomi Medale | 1/25/2018 2:11:19 AM

I dream that I have issues with my employer, a personality kind off issue...I can't really remember again. But what I do remember was that I was ask to go and collect a two months salary as my payoff. Each month salary was 62,000 . When I woke up, I was afraid of loosing my job. Please what is the meaning of the dream?

3 snakes

1 Reply Asked by Grace | 1/23/2018 10:46:54 PM

In my dream, i was in a two-storey house. When i walk down the stairs i saw 3 snakes, two black color and the other one is white. Then i ran back to the house. The snakes follow me. It went up the stairs. I m so scared then i run into a room. In the room there is a child sitting on the floor. i carry the child to the bed & i jump to the bed as well. The black snakes follow me to the room....

Wife & Mom

1 Reply Asked by Ahmed Shiyam | 1/23/2018 7:53:20 PM

i see my mom and wife quiet often in my dreams what does it mean to me. and sometimes i see my dad as well... thanks

Baby dream

1 Reply Asked by Shannon mayo | 1/22/2018 12:06:59 PM

I had a dream i had a new born was drunk and kept dropping baby in tub the child stopped breathing i did cpr and child comes back throwing up black stuff


1 Reply Asked by Sum | 1/21/2018 7:34:41 AM

I dreamt a monk was helping another monk on a wheelchair. I had other thing I dreamt but all I could remember is that monk in my dream.

Blood squirting, limbs not working, loss of voice

1 Reply Asked by Gillian b | 1/20/2018 7:44:08 AM

I had a dream I was in my aunts house watching tv an when sum1 left the house the tv was changed and the program I was watching was turned off, then I see dat my sister walked in so I got up and headed for upstairs, while walking up stairs I realize I was bleeding, the blood was squirting from my arm and when I returned to tell my family I cudntt open the door and when I tried to scream my voice was gone. Any help would be appreciated

Washing hands

2 Replies Asked by Shin | 1/18/2018 11:33:49 PM

In my dream I was washing my hands covered in blood. But somehow my cloth that clean at first also full of blood. That's definitely someone's blood because I'm not bleeding. Not even a scar. I put it off and threw it away but again, everytime I washed my hands, my cloths also got blood on it. This happened like 3 times in one dream. I can even smelled that blood even it was in dream.


1 Reply Asked by Sum | 1/18/2018 8:06:26 AM

I dreamt my cousin sister was pregnant and smoking. I was stopping her from smoking while being pregnant I wonder what that means .

Someone telling me I'm going to die soon, languages I don't speak

1 Reply Asked by anacondax | 1/18/2018 5:42:35 AM

I come from country in south-eastern europe, so my mother tongue is south Slavic. I have never heard anyone speaking Zulu or old Egyptian or even seen words of those languages written somewhere nor I have recently read anything related to those languages/cultures. Although I'm fluent in English and often dream in English, so there's nothing strange about it. Also, I speak little of the scandinavian languages and Japanese and understand some Italian because of Latin which I learned in high school. But few hours ago I had a very strange dream in which I understood boy in his late teens speaking in old Egyptian at the parking (after I found two dead dogs which I bought as christmas present for my parents; they were very stiff and somehow slimey) and older black woman was telling me something in Zulu and after three sentences i somehow intuitively understood what she was saying and replied with '(a)zasha'. So as I woke up, I went to google translate and put that in so I found out it was Zulu and it means 'burn up' or 'are burning'. The same happend with old Egyptian, remembered some words which he was saying as 'sheut', 'ushabtiu' and later discovered it's Egyptian. It was also really scary because they looked like they are possessed when they were speaking. And that women, before she started to speak in Zulu she had gazed deeply into my eyes and told me: 'You are going to die soon. I see it in your eyes' and I smiled with some kind of longing and said 'I know. I have always somehow knew it.'. I have bright grey eyes and in my dream they looked more watery and pupil was constricted, so there was almost nothing black. They looked the same when I saw myself in the mirror when I woke up. So. This dream really creeped me out, especially understanding and speaking those languages and I'm trying to find some sort of explanation. I'm in early twenties and currently have intense and sterssful period in my life and dreams like this aren't helping.

Pregnant- driving and mirror

1 Reply Asked by Kathy Dee | 1/16/2018 10:27:15 AM

Hi, I'd like for someone to give me insight an 2 types of prominent dreams I keep having now that I'm pregnant. One is that I keep looking in the mirror. More specifically I keep seeing a reflection of my lips (last night I had a funky color lipstick on). I have seen myself looking in the mirror wearing clothes and one time I was a wearing a necklace. I know On here it says indication of boy but on another website it goes in detail saying if a pregnant woman sees a reflection of herself then it means being pregnant with a girl vs if she sees a reflection of a man then it's a boy. Next dream I keep having is driving! I'm always driving somewhere in my dream! Does this give any indication of anything ? Any insight is greatly appreciated! I also had a dream last night of luscious bunches of white flowers. Thank you


1 Reply Asked by Prince Patrick | 1/15/2018 6:02:14 AM

Hi in my dream I was at the river banks, in a clear pond with clear water I caught a fish with my hands and I said to myself, this fish is big enough to feed my family, afterwards I opened it with my hands and took the insides of the fish out and threw them into the water to use them a bait and more fish started coming and i could see them, the fist that appeared was a shiny beautiful fish and i was saying to myself, these ones I' catching now are just for surpluses........ What does that mean please?

Being chased, rain, met dead relatives, knocked a door but not open

1 Reply Asked by Ratna | 1/14/2018 4:25:05 AM

My husband born on 1972 (rat) has severe liver cirrhosis for years and its getting worse. End Dec 2016 until mid Feb 2017 he was in hospital for more than 1 month. There are times he feels so desperate that he wish to die. One night in Dec 2017 he dream, he was running through a narrow street, dark, feeling lost & scary, it was rain, he felt trying to run away from something that was chasing him. He saw some people, he knew, they are his family from his parents generation that have died years ago, he tried to ask for help but they all go away and leave him alone. He finally see a big black door and knocking it hard, hoping to get help but the door never open. And suddenly he is awake from his sleep. Additional info, I was born on 1979 (sheep). The day my husband get into hospital was 19 Dec 2016 , the year of Rooster started 20 Dec 2016, the timing was so close. I read several websites say bad prediction for my zodiac sheep in year Rooster, that I might lose 1 family member who live under the same roof with me. And suddenly my husband get hospitalized for 1.5 months. This whole 2017 has been worst for my husband's health. We see doctors and experience hope, his health get better but not long after that another issue appear, its resolved and new issues hit again, this keep happening, hope then come dissapointment. The liver issue has cause problems to kidney, after its handled, his lung got issue. Today 14 Jan 2018 he got hospitalized again due to severe pain in stomach, trouble breathing, pain in left chest/lung. Pls tell me the meaning of his dream.

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