Babies and Snake


This past few days im having dreams about snakes and babies.

1st dream: Im in a house with a family that has a baby in lying in the bed, that I dont know and while im watching tv there, something fell in my head, I thought its just my hair, but I found out baby green snakes coming from the ceiling, I panicked, then Suddenly I saw the baby surrounded by the green snakes, but I got shocked when the baby ate the snake.

2nd dream: I was holding a baby, and my niece is in front of me, and suddenly a saw dark cobra shape snake,In the dream I knew the snake will bite someone, so as the snake is about to bite, I give my neck so the baby wouldnt be hurt and my niece as well.

3rd dream: I saw a group of babies with their moms, and there is a big yellow snake, a baby boy that can sit on his own. The yellow snake come for the baby boy, but the baby boy kiss and hugs the snakes and then he suddendly wranggle the neck of the snake.

I want to know the meaning of my dreams thank you.

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