Strange dream about hair coming out of my nose.


I had a rather strange dream, strangest I have had in a while. I had a dream I was walking into the bathroom and as I glanced in the mirror I seen something showing slightly out of one of my nostrils. I thought it was a blood clot kind of like what you'd get after a nosebleed type of thing. Anyway I ignored it and finally went back to the bathroom in which I blew my nose and what ever was in my nose had came out a little more so i took a piece of the tissue paper and kind of pulled it out and it turned out to be a rather big chunk of hair with an elastic around it (Kind of like a bun, which is how i have been wearing my hair a lot lately) It was a weird dream and i woke up so confused by it. Usually i forget what I dream of but this one seem to stuck with me. What could it mean?

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Hi Michael G,

It's a good dream. Hair coming out of nose in dream is the symbole of eliminating hidden dangers, removing obstacles, trivial, tedious, trouble, and so on. It indicates you could overcome the difficulties in waking life.

If there is any discomfort in the nosein waking life, it indicates there will be signs of improvement for your nose.

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