Who Can Wear Pi Xiu and How to Wear?

Who Can Wear Pi Xiu?

As an auspicious creature, Pi Xiu is capable of drawing money and best fits for the people who want to improve wealth fortune. So, it’s especially fit for the businessmen who may keep wealth and make more money by taking advantage of Pi Xiu’s money-drawing ability. Also, Pi Xiu suits for students since it can bless them to grow up healthily. It’s also good to wear for people who clash with Tai Sui in a definite year.

Who can’t wear Pi Xiu/Pi Yao?

How to Wear Pi Xiu Bracelets or Necklaces?

1. Which Hand to Wear Pi Xiu Bracelet? Left or Right hand?
Generally, Pi Xiu bracelets are made of various materials. Pi Xiu bracelets are often put on the left hand except those made of obsidian, because vital energy goes into human body from the left and out from the right. Obsidian is a special material which can be put on either left or right hand. Do not reveal it to others if it is on the neck.

2. Pi Xiu Bracelet Facing Direction
While wearing a Pi Xiu bracelet, make sure its head is outward, so as to draw money from all directions. Then, how to tell the outward and the inward? The thumb direction is the inward while the little finger outward. If the bracelet is put on the left hand, make the Pi Xiu head toward the left which is then the outward.

3. Pi Xiu Pendants for Necklace
As for the Pi Xiu pendants, make sure its head is upward for the meaning of getting more and more prosperous and absorbing the essences of heaven and earth. Pi Xiu, the son of Dragon King, walked in the clouds and could not head downward. Otherwise, it will be inauspicious.

4. Touch It Frequently
Before and when wearing Pi Xiu, remember to touch it frequently and let it know you are the master. Pi Xiu is one of the spirit animals and it will obey in every way and assist you as long as you take good care of it.

5. Wear it Longer for the First Time
Do not wear it for a short time. Generally speaking, you'd better wear it longer for the first time. Pi Xiu understands how you're feeling and if you wear it occasionally, it will be estranged and less effective in money drawing.

6. Touch it Every Day from Head to Tail
It's said that Bi Xie is lazy and like to sleep. Therefore, you'd better touch it every day from head to tail, other than eyes and mouth, so as to wake it up and bring you rolling profits.

7. Do not Dig the Eyes and Mouth of Pi Xiu
Do not dig the eyes and mouth of Pi Xiu violently, because the eyes are for hunting treasure while the mouth is for taking money. It doesn't matter if you touch its eyes and mouth accidentally.

8. Do not Allow Others to Touch It
Do not allow others to touch your Pi Xiu bracelet or necklace. If it is touched by someone else, cleanse it with water.

9. Avoid Pi Xiu be Contaminated by Blood
Do not let your Pi Xiu be contaminated by blood. Otherwise, its money-drawing effect will be ruined. If your Pi Xiu is contaminated by blood accidentally, remember to clean with water and dry it.

10. Do Not Wear It While Bathing
Pi Xiu is incompatible with the dirty things, so take it down while bathing or making love.

11. Do Not Be Exposed to Chemicals.
The common materials of Pi Xiu include jade, obsidian, gold, silver and jadeite which shall not be exposed to chemicals, or your Pi Xiu will be damaged.

12. Do Not Eat Chili While Wearing Pi Xiu
Do not eat chili while wearing Pi Xiu because chili can ruin your luck in making money.

13. Avoid Wear with Too Many Other Jewelries.
Pi Xiu is all-inclusive and can be worn with any jewelry. However, you are not suggested to wear too many gems, or they might be damaged from mutual collision.

How to Keep It?

Do not place it randomly. If you don't wear it for a short time, you may place it as you wish and there will be no restriction on direction. If you don't wear it for a long time, you need to put it by heading it toward window or door for money drawing. If you need to store your Pi Xiu, pack it with red rag and put in a jewelry box or wardrobe.

How to Cleanse Pi Xiu?

Dirt shall be strictly avoided in money drawing. Pi Xiu will be dusty after you wear it for a long time, then you need to clean it. As a son of the Dragon King, Pi Xiu is fond of water and shall be cleansed with water rather than chemical. It’s also good to clean with rain, river or well water. The natural purification approach is recommended. For example, you may put it on the sill at a moonlit night for purification.

What to Do with A Broken Pi Xiu?

Once your Pi Xiu is broken, it means it has assisted you to ward off the misfortune or evil spirits. Pi Xiu understands how its master is feeling and what its master will encounter. Once Pi Xiu perceives a misfortune, it will react quickly to ward off the misfortune in the way of breakage. For example, a piece of it suddenly drops. Don't worry if your Pi Xiu is broken because it means your Pi Xiu has warded off the misfortune, which is the exact effect of it. The broken Pi Xiu is no longer spiritual and you need to treat it properly. For example, you can pack it with red cloth and bury in a good place to bring it back to nature. Once the broken Pi Xiu is handled properly, you don't need to think too much about it and just need to buy another one.

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