Who Can Not Wear Pi Xiu or Pi Yao?

Pi Xiu (aka Pi Yao) is a widely popular auspicious creature which can draw and gather wealth, drive away misfortune, guard home, bring good fortune, assist its master from being offended the Grand Duke Jupiter and improve master's luck in love relationship. Therefore, many people would wear Pi Xiu for good fortune. However, the following groups of people are not suggested to wear Pi Xiu.

1. People with Deficient Qi or Vital Energy
Since Pi Xiu is a fierce animal, people with deficient Qi or vital energy, including the elder and kids, cannot suppress it.

2. Pregnant Women
Though an auspicious creature, Pi Xiu carries certain evil spirits and cannot completely ward off the evil. As a result, pregnant women are not suggested to wear it, or the baby might be hurt.

3. People under the Zodiac Sign of Dog, Rabbit and Tiger
Since Pi Xiu was the 9th son of the Dragon King while dragon and tiger are incompatible with each other, people under the Tiger sign may suffer from misfortune once wearing a Pi Xiu. Besides, Dragon is incompatible with Rabbit and Dog in Chinese zodiac. Hence, people under the Dog, Rabbit and Tiger sign are not suggested to wear Pi Xiu.

4. Women in Menstruation
During menstruation, women discharge dirty blood and mucosal tissue while Pi Xiu is incapable of discharging. Therefore, women in menstruation shall not wear Pi Xiu.

5. People Suffering from Indigestion or Constipation
Pi Xiu is a spirit animal which gobbles up anything without excreting while human beings are subject to metabolism and discharge of waste. Therefore, people suffering from indigestion or constipation are not suggested to wear Pi Xiu.

6. Evil-minded People
As a spirit animal capable of protecting its master, Pi Xiu is applicable to the kind-hearted; for the evil-minded, Pi Xiu would make them even worse. Therefore, this kind of people shall not wear Pi Xiu because it won't act as a charm.

7. While Making Love
Pi Xiu likes cleanliness, thus not fit for the impure things like love-making. So take it down and hide away while having sex.

8. People Showing No Respect to Pi Xiu
If you choose to wear Pi Xiu, you must believe in its meaning, respect it from the inside and treat it devoutly. Then, it will bring you good fortune.

9. Those Who Want to Get Rich Quickly
People choose to wear Pi Xiu due to the faith in its effect of money drawing. The wish to get rich quickly, however, is to ask for the moon. Pi Xiu can bring you good luck for making money and gathering wealth yet cannot offer you money and make you get rich quickly. Therefore, it is unpractical to dream of striking it rich.

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