Male Snake Personality Traits

Most Snake men are sharp-sighted and resourceful. When dealing with hot potatoes, they can behave calmly like a leader. Highly responsible and goal-oriented, they are respected by people. Also, the gentle male Snakes have lofty ideals and work quickly without delay. Full of wisdom, they usually live a mysterious life.

Male Snakes, especially those fond of the limelight and interested in personal gain, tend to live a restless, passionate and intellectual life. Quite blessed in wealth, they are never short of money. Even if they are out of cash, they can manage to change the situation quickly. Most of them have a sense of humor and can make jokes to enliven the atmosphere in a crisis.

In love and relationship, male Snakes are the amorous lovers who always make eyes at women. However, they are emotional and prone to twists and turns in a relationship. Meanwhile, they are dedicated and loyal to love and cannot tolerate the faithless behaviors. They are so sensitive that they can always figure out your purpose immediately and would take any chance to attack with their merciless nature and good tongue. If you really fall for a Snake man, remember to be a sunny girl without distractions.

In terms of career, Snake men wish to establish a successful career on their own yet would be prone to failure if lack the spirit of cooperation. Generally speaking, they are cautious and alert in business. When they yearn for a big deal, they would have the passion as if they are in puppy love.


The gentle, handsome and slightly mysterious Snake men are attractive to others. Perhaps you want to dissipate the mist but find it impossible - no matter how hard you try you just cannot see them clearly and cannot stop missing. This is their special charm which attracts both men and women!

Male Snakes are not only handsome but also gentle and pursue the principle of ''lady first''. Whenever they find a woman who needs help, they would take the initiative to help. Even if other men ask them to help, they rarely refuse unless there's nothing they can do about it. Therefore, they are widely recognized and have many friends.

Snake men are handsome and romantic and they can surprise women around pleasantly. Everyone feels so comfortable and happy with their honeyed words. As a result, they can always get help from the opposite sex whenever they are in trouble.


Being gloomy is a sign and flaw of male Snakes. The first impression they leave on others is that they are too gloomy and indifferent to make others get close to. If you stay with a male Snake, be mentally prepared and do not be cheated by his gloomy appearance. In fact, they are warm and friendly inside.

Snake men, though powerful, are unconfident and negative in some respects. When they deal with something, they would see the bad side first and think of the tragic and terrible plots.

Male Snakes are possessive, especially in love relationship. Once they start a relationship, they are absolutely intolerant of infidelity and betrayal. They would make their girlfriends that do something unfaithful pay a heavy price and never forgive for the whole life.

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