How can I show respect to Pi Xiu?


I am new to the Pi Xiu bracelet and have recently obtained 3 of them. I wear them as told, on the left, facing outward and I leave it on the window sill when I go to use the bathroom and when I go to bed. I saw somewhere that there is a way to form a bond with your Pi Xiu and I want to know exactly how. I occasionally pause what I'm doing to gently rub the dragons on their backs and I've even talked to them sometimes. (Usually, just nonsense ramblings if no one else will listen.)

Anyway, what's a good way to show some more respect to my Pi Xiu? Or is what I've been doing enough for it? What should I expect from it, too?

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Here are two ways to respect it:

1. Offer a cup of water in front of the Pi Xiu. Because Pi Xiu is a son of Dragon King and cannot live without water. Make sure the water is not higher than Pi Xiu's head.

2. Expose Pi Xiu to incense. Light an incense stick every day and expose Pi Xiu to it. In this way, Pi Xiu will be more energetic in looking for money.

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