Strong Bazi, Weak Bazi and Balanced Bazi

Bazi, also Birth Time Eight Characters, shows people's destiny, future fortune, and even the lifelong peace and happiness. In Chinese astrology, Bazi can be balanced, strong or weak. Then what does it mean?

Meanings of Strong Bazi, Weak Bazi and Balanced Bazi?

Bazi, also known as Four Pillars of Destiny, consists of eight Chinese Characters representing four stem-branch pillars of year, month, day and hour. In general, the heavenly stem of day pillar represents self, known as Day Master. Whether Bazi is strong or weak is measured by the power of the Five Elements assisting and restraining the Day Master. A strong Bazi means the Five Elements are comprehensive and contain no evil spirits and all items in Bazi are beneficial to the Day Master, which means the assisting power surpasses the restraining and the Day Master is on a lucky streak; on the contrary, a weak Bazi means the Day Master is weak and gets limited help from the Five Elements in Four Pillars, and the assisting power is weaker than the restraining. In short, the strong Bazi refers to more help from the same kind while the weak Bazi refers to more opponents. A balanced Bazi means the Five Elements that help the Day Master are basically equal to those that restrain, so Yin and Yang are balanced in Five Elements and he/she will go smooth in life.
For instance, the date stem of the Day Master belongs to wood and his Bazi is to be classified into two kinds, the same and the different. The interpromoting and helping are classified as the same kind, i.e. water and wood because water can generate wood and wood can help wood. The elements that restrain and consume wood are classified as the different, i.e. metal, fire and earth. Then, the score or power of the two kinds is calculated. If the same kind has higher score or greater power, it will be a strong Bazi; on the contrary, it will be a weak Bazi. But if the score or power is basically equal, it will be a balanced Bazi.

Which one is better, strong Bazi or weak Bazi?

Generally speaking, either strong Bazi or weak Bazi is not good since both of them indicate the great ups and downs in life. Another special pattern of Bazi is the balanced one that suggested the smooth and steady life. Whether Bazi is strong, weak or balanced, one point to be remembered is that: it is not directly related to destiny; no matter Bazi is strong, weak or balanced, a person's fortune can not be told without the combination with 10-year luck pillars, years of misfortune, life patterns, distance of complementary Heavenly Stem or Earthly Branch from Day Master, etc. in fate analysis.

Features of People with Strong or Weak Bazi

People with weak Bazi are basically sickly and prone to illnesses and disasters; they pay more yet suffer from bad luck and lack of help from others. Also, they can miss opportunities and sometimes are hurt by others. Besides, they are thought to be too weak to make money. 
People with strong Bazi are generally indomitable and they can survive many setbacks. However, they can bring bad luck to their husband or wife, and even their parents and other relatives, thus more lonely than other people. People with strong Bazi are believed to be more capable in taking charge of wealth and working as officials, which means they are more suitable for important tasks than those with weak Bazi. However, this kind of people tends to experience more ups and downs in life.
In general, there are theoretically few people who have an absolutely balanced Bazi. The innate destiny is more or less flawed, some can be strong and some can be weak. But take it easy whether strong or weak because a certain strong or weak aspect is not necessarily a bad thing. A good fortune is better than a good destiny, as the former ordains happiness while the latter determines power and wealth. A good destiny means balanced Bazi and high fate pattern while a good fortune means a person's Bazi may be short of or weak in certain elements yet can be complemented by the best 10-year cycle, name, direction or other aspects. That is why destiny ranks first and is followed by fortune, Feng Shui and name respectively in fate analysis. 

Solutions to Strong Bazi or Weak Bazi

Consult a professional to choose or change a name conducive to your fate pattern to complement the eight characters for a smooth life.
Wear accessories or clothes that suit your fate pattern for better luck.
Develop in a direction that is beneficial to you to make everything go well.
Adjust your home Feng Shui for better luck.

Chinese Calendar

28十八/18 29十九/19 30二十/20 31廿壹/21 1廿二/22 2廿三/23 3廿四/24
4廿五/25 5廿六/26 6廿七/27 7廿八/28 8廿九/29 9三十/30 正月 (Jan) 10初壹/1
11初二/2 12初三/3 13初四/4 14初五/5 15初六/6 16初七/7 17初八/8
18初九/9 19初十/10 20十壹/11 21十二/12 22十三/13 23十四/14 24十五/15
25十六/16 26十七/17 27十八/18 28十九/19 29二十/20 1廿壹/21 2廿二/22

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