What Kinds of Women Are More Likely to Conceive Boys?

It is a proven fact that a baby's gender is always determined by the father's chromosomes. However, some studies show that the following eight types of women are more likely to give birth to baby boys. Read and check if you are in the list.

Women in Good Relationship with Their Husbands

The better the relationship between husband and wife is and the more time they are together, the easier it is for her to have a baby boy. If father and mother have been living together before the birth of the child, the chance of having a male baby is 15% higher than those who live apart. To conceive a boy, a husband should show more love to his wife and always be there for her.

Women with Good Appetite

According to the study of an American scientist, women with good appetite, especially before or during pregnancy, have higher chances to have a baby boy. Since pregnant women carrying boys usually consume more calories and protein during pregnancy, they have a good appetite to absorb more energy.

Women Who Like Whole Grain Cereals

Data show that women who keep eating whole grains are more likely to conceive baby boys. Whole grains, rich in nutrients, are good for the health of women. Also, it is confirmed that there is a strong link between baby's sex and mother's diet. Paying more attention to the eating habits and taking in grains properly may help you conceive a boy.

Women Engaged in Masculinized Work

New research shows that, pregnant women engaged in masculinized work, such as engineering, IT or accounting, are more likely to deliver baby boys. This is because pregnant women engaged in masculinized work produce more testosterone in their wombs, which can greatly boost the possibility of having baby boys.

Women with Better Memory

The tracking results of a Canadian study indicate that, pregnant women with better memory have higher chances to deliver baby boys. Experts from the research team suspect that such a higher chance of delivering baby boys is attributable to the influence of embryo on maternal cognition, and there is an important unknown link between pregnant women's cognitive difference and baby's gender. Though scientists haven't given the reasons yet, it is not a bad thing for expectant mothers to train their memory.

Women Planning Earlier for Pregnancy

A study on 6,320 women suggests that, about 582 of them have planned more than one year for pregnancy, and among them 58% are conceiving baby boys, while in those who have planned less than one year, the odds of conceiving a baby boy is only 50%. Therefore, the earlier women start the pregnancy planning for better preconception health, the higher chance they get to deliver a baby boy. 

Women with Dominant Traits

Women with dominant personality traits produce more testosterone than those with gentle traits, thus more likely to receive a Y chromosome during the fertilization process. For this reason, pregnant women with aggressive traits have higher odds of having a baby boy.

The First Child Is a Boy, the Second Is More Likely the Same

Many times the baby's gender is not random. For example, if the first child is a boy, then the second is more likely to be the same. That is to say, women whose first child is a boy have higher chances to bear a boy in a second pregnancy.