My partner and my child was killed by a knife same as me


Me together with my partner and my child was trying to walk to go home then when we see a ebike (kind of transportation) we decide to ride on it since it the sky became a little darker, suddenly we realised that were heading a wrong path to go home , and my husband quickly told the driver to stop, and get other transpo,,, its weired that the other jeepney driver told as ( i looked for the four of u, (including the ebike driver) a couple of hours passed i noticed that the ebike driver was just waiting for a moment to attack us) then suddenly the jeepney driver scared look at my back and run. The ebike driver quickly stabbed him with a knife the next is my husband, then i tried to run but he just jumped on me and stab my neck then go with my husband again to stab his neck also,, and before i close my eyes his also (the ebike driver) about to stab my child and i closed my eyes in fears then thats it i woke up at exactly 3:49 am

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