Taboos to Avoid during Hungry Ghost Month

In folk China, the 7th month in lunar calendar is called Ghost Month, which is somewhat mysterious to people. The elders in Chinese families still believe that there are many taboos in lunar July. Then, what are the taboos not to do in the Ghost Month? Let's figure it out together.
Moving is not suggested in this month, otherwise the evil spirits will be led to your new home.
The seventh lunar month is overlaid with a sad atmosphere of memorizing the ancestors and mourning the deceased. Wedding is a joyous occasion. Get married during the month is disrespectful to the deceased and would deeply hurt those who love the deceased.
Weeping at Midnight
It is fine to weep in the day but you'd better not cry at night in the Ghost Month. It is said that weeping at midnight will be misunderstood as a call to the ghosts, and they will come to you soon.
Tapping Someone on the Shoulder
There are three fires on human body: one on the head, one on the left shoulder and one on the right. If you tap someone on his/her shoulder, the fire can extinguish easily. Once one of the fires is extinguished, the body will be violable to ghosts, especially when he/she is in poor health.
Addressing Others by Name
This month, you'd better not address others by name but by call sign. Otherwise, the ghosts can take the chance to take away three souls and six senses of the one you call by name. 
Glancing Back
When you walk in the wilderness or somewhere sparsely populated, you may feel as if someone was calling you but do not glance back as it could be a ghost.
Taking a Night Tour
If your Four Pillars of Destiny or Ba Zi is weak, do not take a night tour, otherwise you will only ask for trouble.
Talking about Ghosts at Night
If you talk about ghosts outside at night, it doesn't matter if you are saying something good, but if you are speaking ill of the ghosts, something bad may happen to you.
Hang Clothes Outsit at Night
Do not hang your clothes outside in the evening of the Ghost Month. Since ghosts prefer the living being's clothes, those left outside can be touched by them, which will be bad for you. Make sure the hanging clothes outside are taken back before you go to bed at night or before it gets dark, so as not to be borrowed by the ghosts.
Siting in the First Row
During this month, do not sit in the first row even if the seats there are not occupied. This is because the front row is for the ghosts and something bad may happen once you take their seats. 
Opening An Umbrella Inside Your Home
Opening an umbrella indoors may attract the evil spirits which can't stand exposure to light. This is also one of the folk taboos at night.
Taking the Last Bus/Train
You'd better not take the last bus/train in the Ghost Month. Generally speaking, it is not for the living beings. If you take the last bus/train, you might be surrounded by the ghosts. Isn't it startling?
The ghost hearing the whistle may think you were calling it! And this also applies to hammering at midnight. In a quiet night, it's better to keep quiet so as not to invite the ghosts and spirits.
Picking Up Roadside Money 
Do not pick up roadside money this month, as it may belong to ghosts or is used for marriage ceremony for persons already dead. Once you take away their money, you might be haunted. 
Playing in Dangerous Waters
It is said that water spirits would find someone to replace them, so that they can reincarnate. Therefore, do not swim in the Ghost Month. Otherwise you will be haunted in the water and drowned accidentally.
Staying Up Late
Do not stay up late at night, during which the power of living being at the bottom while the power of spirits is at the peak. Staying up late can get you haunted.
Plunging Chopsticks into Meal
This is in fact a mode of worship, just like putting incense into a burner. By doing this, you will attract the spirits to share food with you.
Eating Sacrifices
If you eat a sacrifice, you are competing for food with the ghosts, which will bring you bad luck.
Celebrating Your Birthday at Night
If you are born during the ghost month, you should avoid celebrating your birthday at night. It's okay to celebrate during the daytime. 

Slippers Heading the Bed
The spirits could tell where a stranger is from the direction of slippers. If your slippers are heading the bed, they would go to bed with you.
A Banyan Outside the Gate
Banyan, a kind of tree which can gather the spirits, is a favorite for ghosts. Do not have a banyan around your house unless you want a haunted home.
Hanging A Wind Chime at Bedside
Wind chime can invite the spirits and make you haunted in sleep.
Taking Photos at Night
You'd better not take photos at night, otherwise the spirits may appear in the pictures. Also, don't shine a flashlight over a tree, so as not to wake up those in the tree.

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