Can You Move House During Ghost Month?

Legend has it that the gate of hell opens on the first day of the seventh month of the traditional Chinese calendar. Hence, the seventh month of the lunar calendar is commonly called ghost month. Is it good to move in the seventh month of the Chinese calendar? If the answer is no, how to fix it?

Is it good to move house during the Seven Lunar Month?

Moving house is a one of the most important events in life. In Chinese customs, Ksitigarbha in charge of the hell would open the gate of hell on the first day of the seventh lunar month to let out the hungry ghosts and close it on the 30th day of the same month. This month is considered to be unlucky, so Chinese people would not hold great events in this period and moving is thought to be improper in this month. As an owner, you should rather believe it to be true, especially if you are born in a Tiger year and conflict with the seventh lunar month which belongs to Monkey. In this case, you should avoid moving into a new house in the ghost month but another month.

What should you do if you must move during the Ghost Month?

Generally, people would manage to avoid moving in the ghost month. But if it is impracticable, how to elicit blessings and reduce the adverse effects of moving in ghost month by making use of Feng Shui rituals, or placing Feng Shui items? If you do have to move in the ghost month, you are suggested to hold a cleaning ceremony and place the "God of Wealth" to bring in good fortune and wipe out evil spirits, and move in auspicious times of an auspicious day to minimize the adverse effects of moving in the ghost month.
1. Bring one or two household wares to the new house before the seventh lunar month, such as brooms and other cleaning appliances for the purpose of cleaning and wiping out bad luck.
2. Hang a string of Five-Emperor Coins on the front door handle or place it on the doorsill outside the house from left to right (in the order of entering). If it is placed on the mat inside the house, also arrange from left to right (in the order of going out). After that, you can feel free to move other things.
3. Clean the house on an auspicious day before moving
One week before entering into the new house, choose an auspicious day to open all the windows, scent from inside to outside with wormwood or incense, and then close the windows. If this is impractical, you can also keep all the lights on for one night before moving into the house, which will have the same effect.
4. Put a brazier in front of the house
When moving into the new house, everyone has to cross the brazier to enter. Fire, with the meaning of purifying, can dispel all demons and ghosts. Fire can also intensify and make your family more and more vigorous. So remember to put a small brazier (allow you to cross) in front of the door before entering the house.
5. Boil a kettle
Listen to the sound of boiling water on the moving date. You can put eight coins in the boiling water for the lucking meaning of living in a gold house.
6. Prepare seven treasures
Prepare seven treasures and paste a piece of copper-coin-sized red paper on it. Take it into the house on the moving date and put it on the table in the living room to inform the ghosts and gods that you will move into the house and to ask them to leave as soon as possible. The so-called seven treasures are firewood (matchbox/lighter), rice, oil, salt, soy, vinegar and tea.

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