Can Alkaline Food Help Conceive A Boy and Acidic Food Conceive A Girl?

Some say that the intake of alkaline foods by women can make the vagina alkaline, which is conducive to the activity of Y sperms and helps to increase the chance of conceiving baby boys. On the contrary, acidic foods help to get girls. Is it true?

Pro: With Scientific Evidence

As we all know, a baby's gender is determined by the X and Y chromosomes in the fertilized egg. A fertilized egg containing chromosome pairs 22+XX will develop into a girl; a fertilized egg containing chromosome pairs 22+XY will develop into a boy. Y sperms are more active in alkaline environment, making it easier to conceive a baby boy. X sperms are more active in acidic environment, making it easier to conceive a baby girl. An alkaline diet can change the constitution and internal environment of women, making the original pH balanced body environment alkaline. In this way, families who wish to have babies will get good news faster, and mothers will be more likely to have boys as the internal environment becomes alkaline. Since X chromosome is less active than Y chromosome, an alkaline environment is better for Y chromosome to survive and move while an acidic environment is favored by X chromosome. When X sperm binds to the egg, the fertilized egg will develop into a female.

Con: Without Scientific Evidence

The pro side claims to change the internal acid-base environment of women. However, the pH value in human body is relatively constant and the change by eating alkaline foods is temporary, limited and insignificant. There is no scientific evidence of changing the pH value in human body through food intake.
In fact, the human body is ingenious and complex: from the digestive system to the excretion system and the respiratory system, the acid-base balance is precisely controlled; the intake of only alkaline drinks or alkaline foods cannot change the pH in the female reproductive tract. In the process of fertilization, sperms move through the uterus, pass through the cervix and finally reach the fallopian tube. The acid-base environment of these reproductive tracts varies, and the pH value is always in a certain range to ensure the normal physiological functions.
The normal vagina is in acidic environment, which can effectively inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. The uterus has a neutral environment while the fallopian tube is in weak alkaline environment. Eggs are very sensitive to pH value during fertilization. The change in pH value, whether significantly or insignificantly, will affect the fertilization and even lead to infertility. Actually, a significant change in the pH value of female reproductive tract often indicates inflammation or pathology. For example, the imbalance of bacteria in vagina leads to a more acidic environment, which will inhibit the growth of probiotics secreting acid, while the vigorous growth of harmful bacteria can increase the chance of vaginitis. Another example is that in some patients of fallopian tube jam, the salpingal fluid is more alkaline than the normal. Therefore, it is better to spend more time to get fully prepared for a healthy baby by balancing diet, doing physical exercise, keeping in expansive mood and improving physical quality than to increase the chance of conceiving a baby boy by making the body alkaline thru diet.
Over the years, research has proved that the acid-base property of food does affect the chance of conceiving boys and girls. To increase the chance of conceiving a baby boy, women can adjust the acid-base environment of body by taking in more alkaline foods while men can get on a balanced diet. However, this view has not yet been verified and perhaps a stroke of fortune is needed to conceive boys or girls by this method. Parents are suggested to treat it rationally. If you are interested in it, you may try and make sure the intake of balanced rather than single diet, or you may suffer from malnutrition.

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