Chinese Holidays

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    Following are some of the important Chinese holidays with meanings and exact dates:

    2015 2016 2017
    New Year's Day - Celebrating the New Year
    Jan. 1 Jan. 1 Jan. 1
    Laba Festival - Eating Laba rice porridge
    Jan.17 (2016) Jan.5 (2017) Jan.24 (2018)
    Chinese Spring Festival - Family gathering and festivities for 3-15 days
    Feb.19 Feb.8 Jan.28
    Lantern Festival - Eating yuanxiao, watching lanterns and fireworks, guessing lantern riddles
    Mar.5 Feb.22 Feb.11
    Qingming Festival - Tomb sweeping
    Apr.5 Apr.4 Apr.4
    May Day - A day for tde working people worldwide
    May1 May1 May1
    Dragon Boat Festival - Dragon boat racing and zongzi eating
    Jun. 20 Jun. 9 May. 30
    Double Seventd Festival - Chinese Valentine's Day
    Aug.20 Aug.9 Aug.28
    Mid-Autumn Festival - Family gathering and moon cake eating
    Sep.27 Sep.15 Oct.4
    National Day - Celebrating for the founding of the People's Republic of China
    Oct.1 Oct.1 Oct.1
    Chongyang Festival - Chinese Senior's Day
    Oct.21 Oct.9 Oct.28
    Winter Solstice - Eating dumplings and sweet soup balls
    Dec.22 Dec.21 Dec.22