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Hello it’s a second time this week where I had a dream where I know I’m being told something. I just don’t know what it is. I was with a friend, a young woman my age who was trying to go to her boyfriends house for but she didn’t know his address. I advised not to go see someone she didn’t know well and also didn’t have the correct address for— but she insisted. So to keep her safe, I decided to go with her. Soon we reached where she thought he lived but turned out she really did have the address wrong and he lived on another part of the city. So she wanted to get on this plane to see him. I tried to stop her but she got on it anyway. It was a huge very old metallic gray airplane. Many many poor people were getting on it and then the doors closed with them inside... i wateched from outside... I wanted to stop them as I feared the plane was too old and may crash but they got on it anyway. I no longer see this girl I was trying to help.
Next scene is I am on the plane. I really scared now because I don’t want to be on it. It’s was very filthy and smelled bad on the inside. To make matters worse I realize my son is on it... he was all exited and running around. There were several people on it, all very poor. The plane has many rooms all dark and dirty. No place to sit and I was tired. But I had to follow my son .. I did not want him to be lost or sit in a dirty spot...so I kept following him. Then I reached a buff room and found several on my cousins and an uncle... someone whom I’ve not seen in years. I realized they had bought the plane as an investment. Last thing was I peered out of a window near the cockpit( I don’t remember seeing the pilot but I could hear them) i was surprised how sunny it was outside with white clouds outside, I had expected it to be dark. As the plane flew through the city and now flew lower I remained fearful it was going to crash and couldn’t wait to get off. But then I was surprised again that it kept flying without crashing.

Please help me understand this. Thank you

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