dream of tiger walking thru very slow just looking at everyone in its path


tiger was walkig thru just looking at everyone, and there was kids in its path and everyone was yelling to grab their kids then they get the tiger to go into sum kind of truck that ended up to be sumkind of box or cage to lock it in then before i woke up the tiger let out this loudest roar so loud itwas heard all across the waters to where in my dream i was staring in the tigers mouth then i see all types of birds flyacross insky over the waters and i was saying oh no sumthing happen sumthing rong and rite before iwoke up i seen a bunch of tigers gettig up out of nowhefe looking at me straight forward getting ready to come towards me then i woke up

2 Answer(s)

It indicates you will be crowded out by your superior or someone else and you will be desolated accidentally in waking life.

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