Chinese New Year 2022
Feb.1, 2022 - Jan.21, 2023

How to Decorate for Chinese New Year?

Before the Chinese New Year, people always clean and decorate their homes with colorful decorations. But it is far from enough. New Year marks the new beginning. So, it’s time to change your old environment thus enjoy a different new life. Let's see how to decorate a house full of Spring Festival atmosphere.

China Red

Whenever it comes to Chinese New Year, the first thing comes to people's mind is red which is a symbol of China, and people would decorate their homes with red during the Spring Festival. Red decorations can better highlight the Spring Festival atmosphere but it is too passionate and bright. To keep the original elegant style of home, a proper amount of red decorations is suggested for the finishing touch to avoid the extremely stimulating or messy visual effect.

Couplets and 'Fu'

Spring couplets are essential to Chinese New Year and people buy couplets according to the size of their doors. The couplets, of festive meanings or blessings, can be either pure words or illustrated. People also paste all sizes of ''Fu'' characters (福) on their doors, walls and lintels. The character ''Fu'' means good fortune or happiness, showing people's yearning for the happy life and good wishes for the future. Some people even paste the ''Fu'' upside down for the meaning of arrival of good fortune.

Window Paper-cuts

As the Spring Festival approaches, windows shall be cleaned and decorated with something, such as paper cuttings with auspicious meanings. Some people would buy some red paper and make some paper-cuts of varied patterns which symbolize good luck, such as Fu character, carp and animal sign. The window paper-cuts, decorative and meaningful, illuminate the festive atmosphere.

New Year Pictures

The New Year picture, a kind of Chinese painting, is an ancient folk art of Han Nationality in China. Same with spring festival couplets, it is derived from the Gate-God picture and is generally pasted during the Chinese New Year to decorate and pray for an auspicious new year.

God of Door Paintings

As a kind of painting pasted on the door during the Chinese New Year, the God of Door is the guardian widely worshipped in folk China and people paste the God of Door paintings to drive away evil spirits, protect the house, keep safe, and get more fame, profits and good luck. It’s popular in Chinese rural areas. The custom of pasting God of Door paintings during the Spring Festival has been popular for thousands of years in China.

Chinese Knots

Chinese knot is a kind of handmade craft unique to China. A piece of red thread is wrapped again and again, forming a red knot which symbolizes good luck and prosperity, and adds warm, jubilant and peaceful atmosphere to Spring Festival- the most important festival for Chinese people. Hanging a big Chinese knot at the entrance or a small knot on the door, the festive atmosphere will be improved.


Red lantern is one of the most important decorations for the Spring Festival. Once the red lanterns are raised, the festive atmosphere is immediately illuminated. Red lanterns in balcony or yard symbolize the family reunion, atmosphere of New Year and good luck. At night, the red lanterns are lighted up, creating a grand and jubilant world.


Living room, serving as the main venue to receive guests during the Spring Festival, shall be decorated with more efforts. Trinkets, such as a pair of red vases, auspicious calligraphy and painting works, firecracker or red pepper decorations, fish or shoe-shaped ingot pendants, are essential to create a jubilant atmosphere readily.

Auspicious Potted Plants and Flowers

Auspicious potted plants can undoubtedly bring food fortune and happy atmosphere during the Spring Festival. Since ''桔'' (orange) is homophonic to ''吉'' (auspicious), orange tree is considered a symbol of peace and good luck, while chrysanthemum is a symbol of good luck, health and longevity. Cantonese people would put a chrysanthemum potting or a kumquat tree at the doorstep or balcony, hoping everything will be right in the coming year. Also, the kumquat tree is usually decorated with red envelopes for the meaning of good fortune. Besides, pachira macrocarpa symbolizes making money in the coming year; lily flower symbolizes harmonious union, domestic peace and wonderful life while daffodil predicts happiness and luck - they are also good decorations for the New Year.

Zodiac Dolls

Some zodiac dolls of the year can be put on the living room sofa or TV bench, which will create a warm and festive atmosphere. Since 2019 is a Rat year in Chinese calendar, dog dolls can be placed to bring good fortune. But if your zodiac signs clashes with the year’s animal sign, avoid placing it at home. Click Chinese Zodiac Compatibility to find out if you clash the year’s sign.


Another way to add festive colors is to start with sofa. The cover of fabric sofa is generally replaceable and people often replace the old with the new in bright color. For the leather or wooden sofa, a set of new and beautiful sofa cushions is the good choice. The simpler practice is to replace with festive throw pillows, which will also brighten the home.

Dining Table and Chairs

Dining table is to the dining room what tablecloth is to the dining table. As the Spring Festival comes, the dining table can be covered with a special tablecloth which texture and festive color can greatly arouse the appetite of diners. At the same time, red cushions can be put on the chairs to highlight the atmosphere.


New beddings are also an important choice for the New Year. Bed sheets, pillowcases and quilt covers in warm festive colors, such as red, golden, pale purple and pink, can immediately activate the joyous atmosphere of bedroom.


When the Chinese New Year comes, a new and comfortable rug in bright colors like red might be put at the gate entrance. The blessing of good start will be unreservedly transferred to guests from foot.

Chinese Calendar

28十八/18 29十九/19 30二十/20 31廿壹/21 1廿二/22 2廿三/23 3廿四/24
4廿五/25 5廿六/26 6廿七/27 7廿八/28 8廿九/29 9三十/30 正月 (Jan) 10初壹/1
11初二/2 12初三/3 13初四/4 14初五/5 15初六/6 16初七/7 17初八/8
18初九/9 19初十/10 20十壹/11 21十二/12 22十三/13 23十四/14 24十五/15
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