The Meaning of Big and Little Fish in Dreams

Big Fish Interpretation

Dreaming of a big fish means large wealth or happy event. People in the dream involuntarily enlarge the reality, which may not be specific wealth but harvest in spiritual level or a very good opportunity. So, this kind of dream usually reminds the dreamer should grasp and not miss it in real life.

If you dream of a lot of big fishes, it indicates that there will be many unforeseen events in recent period, for example, your appointment with others may be changed. And it may affect your fortune. Additionally, you must pay attention to your acting and friendship. You must stay sober in the face of interests and do not let yourself regret later.

If an office worker dreams of many pig fishes, it shows that your recent working condition is relatively good and you are working positively. Some of your good advice makes you favored by your boss and appreciated by others, so you should take good advantage of it.

Students’ dream about many pig fishes is an indication of a rise in your scores. Your thinking ability is improved recently and you can learn things easily and make progress. In short, you will succeed easily.

If a man dreams of many big fishes, it indicates that your recent fortune will be good. So you can just let everything go naturally. You should deal with people with your sincere and not be blind to do things according to your desires.

A pregnant woman’s dream of big fishes is an auspice, which means that your baby is very healthy and you are likely to give birth to a baby boy. What’s more, if you dream of big fishes swimming in the water, it shows that your baby will grow up as a prestigious man with achievements.

If you dream of big fishes swimming in the water, it indicates that you will be famous and enjoy a widespread reputation.

Little Fish Interpretation

Your dream of little or small fishes mean something happy will happen in your love. For example, maybe the present you get from your lover is just the one you want and its style is happened to be after your fancy.
Students’ dream of little fishes is an indication of poor grades.
If you belong to those who lost kin and cannot support yourself and dream of little fishes, it shows that you will have an opportunity for travel. But you had better to travel with others.
If the little fishes you dream are dead, you are likely to fall ill or have a powerful enemy. On this premise, if you are a single, it indicates that your love situation is certain and you have active pursuer. You are very concerned about the first impression and someone may be likely to declare his/her love to you. If you would like to refuse his/her, you must be careful about your attitude because direct attitude will hurt his/her feeling.

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