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Are you suitable for job-hopping?

Job-hopping is very common for white-collar workers today. But it does not mean you are suitable for job-hopping at any situation and you'd better be clear about your skills. Are you planning to switch jobs? Take this workplace quiz to see if it's the right time.

What is your lucky color in workplace?

In addition to a prudent and diligent attitude, luck is also very important to work. What colors will bring you good luck in workplace? The quiz will tell you the answer! Be sure to take advantage of your lucky color in workplace!

Are you suitable for freelance work?

Freelance work, seemingly quite free, is actually a much better test of one's self-control. If you don't have a strong self-discipline, you will have a reversed bioclock, live in a fog and completely lose control of your life. Want to figure out whether you are fit for freelance work? Take the following quiz and you may find the answer.