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what is the rats lucky and unlucky colers

2 Replies Asked by l***r | 10/17/2017 4:17:22 AM

see i was wondering what the rats lucky and unlucky colers are because my lucky coler is yellow

regarding career and marriage

1 Reply Asked by J***a | 10/16/2017 9:12:00 AM

Hi My date of birth is 26 dec 1991. I want to know aoOut my future career aspect. Should I continue with my ongoing path or find new opportunities? And also when will I get married? Will it be love or arranged? Thankyou

Hello! I have a question .

1 Reply Asked by B***i | 10/15/2017 2:50:31 AM

My small family would like to have a new member which is I'm a monkey , my husband is dragon and my son is rooster . I would like to know when is the best time for me to have another baby ? Thanks for your regarding and hope to see your answer .

Born 20th March 1964

1 Reply Asked by M***s | 10/14/2017 1:42:55 AM

could you please tell me if my financial situation is going to improve in the near future

Wedding Auspicious Day - 2018

1 Reply Asked by K***m | 10/9/2017 2:31:42 AM

Hi there, My fiance (Cow) and myself (Rabbit) were given 15 September 2018 as an auspicious wedding day for us. However, it clashes with my mum (Dragon). Any suggestions on how we can involve my mum in the tea ceremony? Or is this not adviseable? Thank you in advance!


1 Reply Asked by M***s | 10/9/2017 1:19:42 AM

Born 24th May 1961 What are my career predictions for the rest of the year?

Baby girl

2 Replies Asked by R***h | 10/7/2017 8:41:59 PM

I am born 2 June 1968 monkey ,my wife 13november 1974 , My son is 2008 December. We are planning to have one more What will be best year for me having a baby girl that will compality with us Thanks. And regards Rajesh

Career and Love life

2 Replies Asked by K***n | 10/4/2017 6:34:50 AM

I want to become a police officer by 2020, how is this looking and am I going to be successful,career wise? And when will I find my soul mate, thank you !! Birthday 05/05/1993 Time of birth 03:23 Am

Chinese name

1 Reply Asked by D***r | 10/3/2017 3:18:45 PM

What is Chinese name for Daniel?

Having another baby

1 Reply Asked by R***g | 10/3/2017 2:55:52 AM

Hi I was born in the snake year and my husband was born in the tiger year. I have 2 kids born in the years of dog and ox. We are planning for a baby now and wondering if 2018 year of dog would be a good year. Please advise. Thank you.

Baby in 2018?

1 Reply Asked by N***a | 10/2/2017 6:29:21 AM

Hello there, we are thinking to have a baby in october 2018, not sure yet. I just want to know if it is good in chinese zodiac to have a baby in 2018 as some people say the contrary. I'm born on 31jan'1991. Metal Horse My Husband on 9oct'1982. Water Dog My daughter on 10oct'2013. Water Snake Thank you.

Compatibility for yin metal rat and yang fire rat

1 Reply Asked by A***h | 10/1/2017 3:06:24 PM

(My boyfriend) Hes born ae a yin metal Im born as a yang fire. Does it clash? Whats good about them? Things we need to work on?

Marriage Wil happen or not

1 Reply Asked by D***k | 9/30/2017 10:45:50 PM

My name is Deepak ram and my date of birth is 15.03.1988 time is 4:58pm.. place: Kannur, Kerala. My spouse name is shanvarsha her dob is 7.12.1991 time is 03.50pm place : Palakkad,Kerala. Our marriage is fixed on November 25. But I dnt think she is interested in it.. and alots of problems came in between this. Please advise. Is this marriage Wil happen or not.

openning a business

1 Reply Asked by e***z | 9/29/2017 11:57:52 PM

i plan to open this 10/2/2017 a sari sari store what will be the future of this business thank you

Are Monkey men faithful and loyal in relationships or do they tend to to stray?

1 Reply Asked by A***a | 9/29/2017 3:01:58 PM

Please no generic answer, I want you opinion! Thank you.

Marriage and career

1 Reply Asked by S***t | 9/29/2017 2:00:58 AM

i am a male, born on 01/01/1976 and my kua number is 7. what is in for me this year in terms of marriage and career?

whether our marriage will happen or not

1 Reply Asked by N***n | 9/27/2017 11:57:37 PM

i am Nivin my dob is 23.06.1989 time of birth is 8.12am. i have an affair with Shanvarsha dob is 07.12.1991 time of birth is 3.50pm. i just want to know whether our marriage will happen or not. parents are not agreeing because of caste problem. i dnt know what to do. dont want to lose my love for any reason. we waited this long because we dont want to hurt our parents but now its reached a situation where we cant find any solution. Her marriage is going to be fixed. kindly advise because we dont time to lose. Hardly 1 month to decide

My Months

1 Reply Asked by F*** | 9/27/2017 5:42:47 PM

Birthday: November 12, 1997 I was wondering what this Months will be for me is it good or bad? When will I be lucky about money, career, and love?

will i ever find love?

1 Reply Asked by S***t | 9/25/2017 7:53:19 PM

DOB 1 January 1976...

We can't leave each other alone (Female Water Dog & Male Fire Tiger)

4 Replies Asked by R***u | 9/14/2017 3:18:14 PM

I am a Water Dog and I've been interested in a Fire Tiger for the last 14 years. He lives in a different country, so that's why we haven't taken it further. We have many misunderstandings nowadays and can't seem to talk for longer than 2 weeks before we drive each other mad. This has been like this for a few years now. I've recently discovered that he has been seeing someone else for quite a few years, which he never mentioned. I am very angry about it but we can't seem to leave each other alone. I know that water and fire are not compatible. Is that why we irritate each other? Also, could the fact that Tigers and Dogs are so compatible be the reason he still pursues me even though he's in a relationship. He doesn't understand why he does it and tries to stay away but can't.

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