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Career and money

1 Reply Asked by K***m | 2/3/2019 11:30:37 AM

When will I get financially stable?

Issue with VISA

1 Reply Asked by G***r | 1/22/2019 11:41:35 AM

Hi Sir, I went to USA four years back and came to India for my marriage and got struck here be...

Will I feel love this year 2019

0 Reply Asked by j***z | 1/21/2019 3:27:56 AM

I’m single looking to find a girlfriend. If there’s any possibility of a good relationship. ...

Lucky color

1 Reply Asked by A***g | 1/21/2019 1:46:39 AM

Dear astrologer, I am born in the year of the rat. Based on your Chinese zodiac-rat, yellow i...

my grandson was born on 17 Jan 2019 at 12:30pm, What is his 5 elements looks l

1 Reply Asked by F***n | 1/21/2019 12:16:40 AM

I need to give a Chinese name> But wonder what he short off with the 5 elements

When I will get marry

0 Reply Asked by S***a | 1/20/2019 10:54:15 AM

I am Shweta , my date of birth is 21/10/1990 time: 8:00 AM . Birth place: Bangalore, I wai to k...

Lucky direction

1 Reply Asked by A***g | 1/17/2019 12:39:42 AM

Hello!! I am born in the year 1972, rat. May I know where is my lucky direction? I am conf...


1 Reply Asked by M*** | 1/14/2019 12:45:58 AM

Hello Last year 2018, was a very terrible year for me in terms of finance and career, I want to...

Are they compatible?

1 Reply Asked by Y***n | 1/12/2019 1:23:26 AM

The woman is a fire ox (virgo) and the man is a earth tiger (leo). Are they compatible? Is it p...


1 Reply Asked by K***y | 1/5/2019 7:40:43 AM

Hallo, I am a woman born 13.9.1963, 01:55. The last year was very difficult for me, especiall...


1 Reply Asked by M***s | 1/2/2019 2:22:57 AM

born 20.03.1964 what does 2019 have in store for me?

What age would I be most auspicious in terms of wealth, love and career?

0 Reply Asked by v***g | 1/1/2019 10:49:06 AM

I would like to know when I would be most successful in terms of wealth, love and career based ...

My zodiac sign

1 Reply Asked by A***e | 1/1/2019 1:28:47 AM

My name is Akanksha Nitnaware Birthdate is 03/03/2000 Time is 12:45am Can you tell me what is m...

what kinds of yogas are in my natal chart

0 Reply Asked by T***b | 12/28/2018 1:18:33 AM

My date of birth is. 2/May/1997 at 7:45 PM in Gujar Khan, Pakistan. My Chinese zodiac sign is o...

Why is the direction Southwest unlucky and a taboo for tigers?

0 Reply Asked by L***n | 12/19/2018 8:53:19 AM

Why is the direction Southwest unlucky and a taboo for tigers?

Element Compatibility

2 Replies Asked by W***l | 12/6/2018 1:43:38 PM

Hello, I'm a Fire Dragon. I'm trying to understand the elements to figure out how to f...

Marriage year

2 Replies Asked by s***f | 12/2/2018 11:19:55 PM

When will I get married my date of birth is 30 December 1996

Will i have love or arrange marriage?

1 Reply Asked by K***k | 11/21/2018 4:35:53 AM

Name- Kavita Naik D.O.B. 15/02/1991 Time - 8.36pm Place - Goa ,India

Wrong lucky numbers

1 Reply Asked by D***n | 11/14/2018 6:03:41 AM

In the Ox section it says the lucky numbers are 1,4 and the unlucky 3,4. I think you mistyped i...

When could I possibly get married and meet a women in my life

0 Reply Asked by j***z | 10/31/2018 10:24:41 AM

Dob sept 28 1997 2:00am

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