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Asked by Jocelyn Yu | 10/13/2018 7:10:11 PM

Hello, I am a Cancer Monkey with Blood type A. Can you write a summary about my personality? Thanks.

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Admin 10/13/2018 9:06:27 PM

Hi Jocelyn Yu,

You can find personality of Monkey with Blood type A here:


Jocelyn Yu 10/13/2018 11:24:01 PM

I asked you for Cancer Monkey personality with blood type A not just Blood type A Monkey...

Admin 10/14/2018 5:34:48 AM

You are very talented and have an extraordinary wisdom, but like to do things in irregular ways.

You are flexible, have a high intelligence and outstanding in learning. You usually have a lot of good ideas. But you like play smart and don’t pay much attention to the persistence of learning, sometimes indulging in your cleverness.

If you go on like this, it will only make you achieve nothing, and no matter how good the idea is, it will be empty talk. Fantasy, and without persistence, you will be difficult to have good results. It is not advisable to rely on the cleverness of the moment.

Already have clever intelligence and a flexible mind, if you could be down to earth, you will make outstanding achievements in the future.

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