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Will 2019 be financially rewarding?

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Hi Mark Miles,
Yes, you under the dragon sign will have a good luck for wealth and start up the mode of making money under the blessing of 'Long De' and 'Yue De' stars. You could have more income, windfall and considerable benefits from the investment made in this year. If you intend to make investment and money management, you may do it with the spare money. If you are a wage-earners, you will get the chance of salary raise and handsome bonus. If you manage a business, you will create good results by virtue of the contacts as long as you get along well with others. However, the two inauspicious stars 'Po Bai' and 'Xiao Hao' will lead to financial losses even if you are well-paid.
To further improve your wealth luck in the Pig year, you are suggested to wear a Citrine bracelet with Dragon sign ( or Pixiu bracelet ( to help you maintain and attract more wealth. 

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