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when could I have possible have a job opportunities

2 Replies Asked by J***a | 4/12/2018 9:05:37 PM

sept 28 1997 2:00am san Pedro Garza Garcia

Who will i get married to?

3 Replies Asked by G***e | 4/10/2018 10:29:54 AM

I wondering who i will get married to into the future and when? Can you please explain that person's personality and give a hint about his name and when we will meet? My name is Gina Ghose and my d.o.b is august 13th, 2003. Time when i was born is 7:32 pm. Thanks

about married life

5 Replies Asked by s***i | 4/10/2018 4:20:40 AM

my date of birth is 19 june1993 birth time 8:15 am when i will get married and how will be my married life???

Love marriage or arranged marriage

6 Replies Asked by R***S | 4/9/2018 5:37:59 PM

Hi, My name is Subramani R. DOB 3-5-95. Place of birth nagercoil. I love a girl named Aparna, dob 27-10-1994. Will I get married to her?

2018 prediction

1 Reply Asked by M*** | 4/9/2018 4:23:12 AM

Please i want to know what this year hold for me in terms of new job and meeting my life partner. Dob 01/may/1988 Nigeria Place of birth Maiduguri Time of birth 19:30 Thanks

Have I come in to this world as a reject

1 Reply Asked by T***n | 4/9/2018 4:19:24 AM

hello, my name is Talib Hussain, from pakistan DOB 30 January 1974, time around 10 AM. I have a dream to move abroad but never got succeeded. always reject. I'm 44 and still looking for my first soulmate for last few years but everyone rejects me. will I die as a reject? thanks

Life predictions

5 Replies Asked by K***a | 4/8/2018 10:39:22 PM

D.O.B: 6 July 2000, Time: 11:45/46 AM, Birth Place: Indore Madhya Pradesh India

When will I find my soulmate and will she be older

6 Replies Asked by J***a | 4/8/2018 5:48:53 PM

born sept 28 1997 2:00am san Pedro Garza Garcia also can you make any predictions about my future life

Marriage prediction

1 Reply Asked by A***a | 4/8/2018 3:58:09 PM

When will I met someone, what will he look like and if we get married will our marriage be succesfull? My d.o.b is 16th of September of 1997 at around 15:30

Love and marriage

10 Replies Asked by A***i | 4/8/2018 12:28:33 AM

My date of birth 12 /04/1990, time 4am, place =west bengal and my bf date of birth =01/12/1989, time -6.50pm, place -west bengal. He loves me so much but dont know why he didnt want to marry me. Please tell me will his mind change in future? Is he my future lifepartner?

Male born on 21st April 1991

1 Reply Asked by P***a | 2/12/2018 8:06:34 PM

I resigned from a job for another one but it got cancelled. When can I expect to find a job or should I pursue for higher studies?What is my career going to be like in 2018?


1 Reply Asked by A***i | 2/12/2018 5:49:23 AM

Hi, my name is Anamika Roy, Dob-12/04/1990, time 4 am, birth plance west bengal, and my boyfriend's name is Soumyamay Mukherjee, Dob - 01/12/1989 time - 6.57pm, place-west nengal. I want to know that are we get married or not?

what predictions can you make about my future

0 Reply Asked by J***a | 2/11/2018 7:50:32 PM

Born sept 28 1997 2:00am san perdo Garza Garcia

Can I substitute the rooster for phoenix?

1 Reply Asked by M***g | 2/10/2018 7:27:32 PM

I want to get a painting related to the Chinese culture and myself. I am born in Jan 1994 so I am a (water) rooster. My question is, can I substitute the rooster for phoenix?

Marriage nd career

3 Replies Asked by F***a | 2/8/2018 8:41:50 AM

My name is waqaas nazir ...My dob is 23.11.1990 nd time is 1:30pm nd place of birth qasur Pakistan I want to marry a girl her name is Faiza ...dob is 09.08.1992 time in between 11.00am to 1:00pm exact time not known of birth is sambrial ..i would b able to Marry with her? Nd how this marriage would b ? Nd when I would b able to get fruitful job

Planning for a boy (3rd child) for male Wood Ox

2 Replies Asked by V***o | 2/7/2018 2:49:18 PM

Hi, My husband - 9 Jan 1986 - Wood Ox Myself - 30 Oct 1986 - Fire Tiger We have 2 daughters born in 2014 (Wood Horse) and 2017 (Fire Rooster). We want to plan for our next child to be a boy. What are the chinese zodiac signs that will be good or compatible for our family and when should we plan to conceive? Thank you in advance for your reply!


1 Reply Asked by F***a | 2/7/2018 2:23:48 PM

DOB 09.08.1992 Time in between 1 to 3pm Place sambrial Pakistan I would b able to get love or arrange marriage...nd how it would b .nd how will b my life partner ?

Will I get marry to my present partner am in love with?

2 Replies Asked by A*** | 2/7/2018 9:40:30 AM

I love my partner very much but never ever think of leaving him will I get married to him. I am an Indian. Please Rply as soon as possible

what job could I get in the future and will I be successful

6 Replies Asked by J***a | 2/5/2018 8:47:13 PM

born sept 28 1997 2:00am San Pedro Garza Garcia

Is it love marriage or arranged marriage to me?

1 Reply Asked by M*** | 2/4/2018 7:20:05 AM

Name: MUTHURAMALINGAM DATE OF BIRTH : 24.05.1990 TIME OF BIRTH: 10.25PM Will it be love marriage or arranged marriage to me?

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