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My son was born 2018 june 08 14:50 pm,my daughter was born 2015 feb 12 10:58 am can u tell me about something in the future .pls ......

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Hi Kimkeart,

Please provide their birth place as well.
in cambodia ,phom penh city.pls .....
I waitting ur reply
pls help me answer ,pls.............
For your son:

Advantages: He is gloomy, warm and graceful, affectionate, vanity and love face, having strong self-esteem; elegant outstanding and talented. He could win the admiration of everyone.
Disadvantages: weak willpower, can not persist in doing things, every time there are setbacks, there is frequent regrets.
Suggestion: He should have perseverance in doing things, from beginning to end, and never give up because of any setbacks.

Your son belongs to the "diamond fate". He is born with the characteristics of diamonds. His life will be elegant and tasteful. He is very eye-catching. He likes fairness and justice. He does not like to be bullying. He is willing to sacrifice his dedication and is unwilling to live up to others. Diamonds are very precious and will be decorated in the best and most important position. Therefore, he is very temperamental and has many talents, but he will be a bit indecisive, hesitant and slow to do things. Diamond has high hardness and strong pressure resistance. Therefore, he is dissatisfied with the status quo and can bravely break through, change the environment, and expect to control his own destiny.

In addition, his life, like diamonds, is elegant and noble, and has attracted attention from all. But diamonds are not suitable for the whole stage. Once they lose the stage, they lose their chances. It is the biggest test in his life, as long as he can stand the external test, do not blame the people, and then learn to grow, his life will be upgraded to a new level.

He will have a spiritual love that belongs to Platonic style. He will have different backgrounds of life and the difference in values with his furture partner. It is not easy for the other party to really understand him. As long as he communicates more and let his wife know his true ideas, there will be no big problem.
Characteristics and future prediction for your daughter:

Impression to others: Talented but introverted, full of responsible.
Advantages: attaches great importance to connotation; versatile; acting in accordance with the rules; not like to own the power; easy-going; doing things with patience and responsibility.
Disadvantages: like to be alone, not good at interacting with people, easy to be suspicious.
Suggestion: To get in touch with people and put a lot of width, you can better show your talents.

She belongs to the "garden fate", so the she is born with the characteristics of the garden, willing to sacrifice itself and protect others. Under the garden is the vast land. She liking the garden bears everything silently. Therefore, the personality of her is more accommodating, but it is a bit sloppy. Although she has many valuable opinions, she does not like to express opinions. The garden grows flowers and trees, but people only notice the birds and flowers, but they don't notice the earth under their feet. She does not like to invite merits. Therefore, it is easy for ordinary people to ignore the contribution of her. Once she leaves the original position, people will find out the importance of her. The defensive nature of the earth is very strong, so the mental defense of her is also very strong, and it is not easy for ordinary people to enter the inner world of her. Although the earth is strong, it is very tolerant, so as long as there are excellent talents, she is willing to give the stage and opportunities to others.

She is not good at keeping money, and it is not easy for her to save. Every time a certain amount of wealth is accumulated, something will happen to make her spend money.

In love, she will own a love that both of the two are equal and they will keep some distances. The love of her is not the type that is intimate and secret. On the contrary, it is like a friend. The two sides have equal status and pursue a balance between each other. She is not a girl like a small bird, and it is not easy for her to find a very obedient boy.
Can u help me choose their object for studying matching with their DOB
Earth and metal are the elements your son needs. So, it's better for him to select subjects belongs to earth or metal element.

Water and metal are the elements your daughter needs. So, it's better for her to select subjects belongs to water or metal element.

Earth related objects include architecture, management, law etc. Metal related objects include finance, mechanical Engineerin etc. Water related objects include cumputer, arts, tourism etc.
Hi.. my DOB is 1989 March 31 at 2115 in Johor, Malaysia.. can u please tell me something about my future.. the do and the dont..
Hi deanna,

Which aspect you do want to know about your future? Are you single, in love or married?
im in love..I would like to know in aspect of

1. my career
2. wealth
3. will i going to stay long in the city i live now.
4. anything will happen to me in future which u want to warn me to be careful with.

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