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Born on Mom's Birthday

1 Reply Asked by D***e | 1/20/2018 6:14:48 PM

I was born on January 26th 1966 and my mom was born on January 26th 1950.My Mom told me that years ago she had read there was something special about this according to Chinese Astrology. I can't really find any info about being born of your mom's birthday or what would make this special. Any help would be appreciated.

Baby 2018

1 Reply Asked by J***a | 1/12/2018 10:01:44 PM

Hi there, We are planning for a third baby born this year 2018 year of dog. Just like to know if I will conceive a boy and that he or she will get along with my family. Both myself and husband are born in 1984 (Wood Rat), Son (2011, Metal Rabbit), and Daughter (2013, Water Snake). Thanks

Who to choose? Confused

1 Reply Asked by X***e | 1/12/2018 4:16:02 PM

My DOB is 25/5/83. 00:57 abudhabi united Arab Emirates. Two people are interested in me who should I choose to know deeper for marriage purposes? One is 27 october not sure about the year 1989 or 90 . The other is 29 December 90 . Or I shouldn't consider these two at all ? When will I get married?

Dog who thinks about pig

1 Reply Asked by M***T | 1/12/2018 4:23:40 AM

I am the zodiac Dog, but I am constantly thinking about pig. I have a lot of jade pigs and constantly surround myself with them. I do not feel like it is a romantic attraction, just a feeling that the zodiac pig is important somehow to me. What does this mean?

Colors to avoid

1 Reply Asked by J***R | 1/10/2018 7:45:32 PM

according to my chart I am to avoid colors red, blue, and green. Does that include ruby since that is red ( it is listed as my stone or mineral-on your page) and any clothing with red in it same goes for other two colors clothing wise

Baby planning compatibility

4 Replies Asked by M***C | 1/10/2018 12:40:11 PM

Hi, I am planning for baby number #2 and potential future babies compatibillty. What are some compatible zodiac signs? Me: 1991 Sheep Husband: 1992 Monkey/Sheep (He was born January, not sure what I sure count him as. Does both sheep and monkey apply to him a little?) Son: 2016 Monkey Thanks! Also I have not found much information about family/parent child compatibility. Only love compatibility. Where can I find out more?


1 Reply Asked by N***y | 1/10/2018 10:52:57 AM

I am Gemini tiger, and he is a Sagittarius Snake, and the book says we are not compatible as Tiger and Snake. But, we are as Sagittarius and Gemini to a good degree as opposite signs. What I see in him is joy. In fact, why I write this is because I AM CONFUSED. We have ton of things in common, likes, dislikes, and we are both care free and love to laugh. But, he is more possessive, more deep, more likely to fall for me faster, more likely to be more possessive of me. These are maybe the characteristics of the Snake, but he is also a Sagittarius, and he possess a lot of Gemini traits too. So it is a struggle for me. I dated a Libra Dragon and we had nothing in common, but sexual attraction. I dated an Aquarian Dog and had zero spark. Can a Tiger and Snake get along? The problem for me is committing a hundred percent. But I am loyal physically a 100 percent to him, but I want to keep my options open somehow, this is the Tiger Gemini in me. He is ready to find and fall in love. I want to find love, but I don't want this love to pull me down just yet. I have my own plans that I need to achieve first before love. But I am seeking love too. I go to great length to be with him, I am very loving, attentive, giving, caring, but down the line, I am worried about him getting too much into me especially I cannot relocate to his state very fast as he might expect. We seem to have a smooth time together, no struggle at all. It just flows, no competition as a tiger at all. I am all about pleasing him. So why the zodiac is putting tiger and snake as enemies? My concern can happen with a Libra, or Aquarius, or any other sign? Can it work for us? Nadia

when will my career and love life change for the better? I am a 1971 pig

1 Reply Asked by K***s | 1/9/2018 4:44:57 PM

About 3 years ago, I was told I will have a better career and meet someone special. When will this happen? please specify(if possible). Thank you.

I would like to ask about my future any predictions about love

2 Replies Asked by J***a | 1/8/2018 7:24:53 PM

if can you please tell about any events. Also coming in the future about love. on Sept 28 1997

Want to know about my job and my future settlements

2 Replies Asked by e***a | 1/8/2018 4:49:16 AM

In which field i will get my job and when in which month....and want to know after marriage in which country i wll be settled with my future husband ?? My name is ekta Dob ....13/12/1991 Time...6:30pm place...dasuya punjab india


1 Reply Asked by j***l | 1/7/2018 3:30:59 AM

hello there! i am curious to know how will I fare for this year 2018? my birthday is december 13, 1992. THANK YOU

Careers issues

1 Reply Asked by H***y | 1/7/2018 1:52:23 AM

Dear master, I’m a water based element..strong water and lack of fire.. My career is always a failure...I change many jobs in the more than 10years...I’m doing Sales industry for most of my career..but always a failure and unable to stay long in the company...I hardly can get an opportunity to grow and have a stable job... When comes to career and wealth I’m always having and 34 years old ..and my time is running out... I hope to seek advice from you and to know which career is best and suitable for me.. Please help me

Incompatible zodiac sign

4 Replies Asked by X***a | 1/6/2018 6:02:49 PM

Female 15.11.1991 Male 26.8.1994 I see that dog and sheep zodiac sign aren't perfect match..but if we're serious with our relationship and wanna bring it to higher level which is get married.. can we live a happy life with each other then?

love luck in 2018 for tiger lady

1 Reply Asked by p***i | 1/6/2018 9:17:09 AM

Hi there My name is leah, my DOB is April 18th 1986 at 09:09 PM. can you please inform me about my love luck in 2018? Thank you so much in advance

What in store for me in the future in love and a job

2 Replies Asked by J***z | 1/6/2018 7:48:59 AM

born Sept 28 1997 2:00am in Mexico

born 6/24/1959 12;55 am on a wednesday my name is Carla Jenkins

1 Reply Asked by C***s | 1/5/2018 6:16:26 PM

what in store for me in 2018

My luck

1 Reply Asked by L*** | 1/5/2018 9:08:26 AM

I was the year of roster. Why my life was so hard. What I do never success. Even I work so Hard. Can let me now I got change to win a big lottery? Thx

Best Month for Baby in 2018

2 Replies Asked by E***n | 1/4/2018 9:03:43 AM

July 1st 1985 me January 7th 1988 wife December 29th 2015 daughter What would be the best month to have a child for our family? It is most important that the match be the best for my wife and daughter.

Want to know about my job and lover

1 Reply Asked by e***a | 1/4/2018 12:11:27 AM

my name is ekta Dob...13/12/1991 Place...dasuya punjab india Time..6:30pm I want to know about my job in which month i will get my job ...and will i have marriage with my lover ......his name is gaurav dob ...29/9/1985 Place.....phagwara punjab india Time...14:55 pm

About my VISA

0 Reply Asked by G***r | 1/3/2018 4:57:35 PM

Hi, Could you please let me know when can i get married and also please let me know my career opportunities. I am staying in USA for higher studies and i am planning to stay permanently in USA. My H1 status is pending, Please let me know whether my H1 will approve this year and Is there is a chance for me to get US Citizenship. Please find below for my details. Name: GeevanKumar Gender: Male Date of Birth: June 04 1988 Time of Birth: 11:30 AM Place of Birth: Chittoor State of Birth: Andhra Pradesh Country of Birth: India Thanks & Regards, Geevan Kumar G S

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