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I want baby boy but i already preganat

4 Replies Asked by B***a | 6/5/2017 10:07:37 AM

Already preganant in may month

My prediction

2 Replies Asked by l***4 | 6/5/2017 9:09:33 AM

I am a Wood tiger born in 1974 month october on the 20th. I would like to know more about my career, wealth and replationship. My partner born on the year 1977 (snake). Can you guide me.

1973 female ox + 1972 male rat

2 Replies Asked by m***t | 6/5/2017 12:15:43 AM

I am hoping to find out about family, health and wealth?

Could I find some love this year or later years

1 Reply Asked by N***e | 6/3/2017 3:55:47 PM

Someone to understand what I feel 9/28/97 2:00am

want to know about career life, travel, love and marriage life ahead.

2 Replies Asked by S***H | 6/3/2017 2:11:25 PM

I am a male wood ox. My date of birth is 20 october, 1985, birthplace: Bangladesh. Currently i am doing my Phd in canada and serving as a lecturer at the same university. So, after finishing my Phd what will be better for me, staying in canada or move into my home country? I want to know my career life ahead. I had a relation and broke up in 2013, since then i am single. When will i find my lifetime partner and when will i get married?

How do dragons behave whenvin love

1 Reply Asked by E***e | 6/1/2017 11:10:40 PM

How do dragons behave towards people they are attracted to or how do they act when in love.

im 1945 rooster do i have all bad luckjust lost job

1 Reply Asked by V***a | 6/1/2017 1:04:37 PM

Just lost a job very limited financies what to do need favorable reading

I have baby boy

1 Reply Asked by A***r | 6/1/2017 6:42:47 AM

Hi I am ashwini my ovolution period date 21-05-2017 & my birth date 06-08-1992.

How about my lovelife?it is a good or bad? Because im single

1 Reply Asked by G***l | 6/1/2017 12:53:25 AM

I want to know if i have a lovelife at this month?or year? And what is that it is a good or bad?

Are we compatible?

2 Replies Asked by D***k | 5/31/2017 6:17:54 AM

He's an earth monkey (9/12) and a metal ox (12/28), are we compatible? He's dealing with a fire horse, are they compatible?

Does chinese compatibility work the same way in yearly forecasts/transits?

1 Reply Asked by w***t | 5/30/2017 9:40:02 PM

I am a Water Goat, and it is supposed to be most compatible with the Rabbit and Pig. Therefore, will I have my best years in the Rabbit and Pig years? My sign is sextile with the year of the Rooster going on right now, and it's been meh. Not so good lately. Does this work out this way for you guys? Do any of you want to share your experiences?

Will I meet the right one and get married ever??

1 Reply Asked by r***l | 5/30/2017 5:04:37 PM

My date of birth 19/08/1986 Help :(

Parent/child compatibility

1 Reply Asked by B***a | 5/28/2017 2:38:36 AM

Am I compatible with my mom and dad? My dob: Oct 6, 1996 Dad dob: Oct 17, 1962 Mom dob: Jan 25, 1963

Baby gender

1 Reply Asked by S***i | 5/27/2017 3:50:15 PM

Hye iam shivani my last period was 24 april we started intercourse 2 to 4 may n my dob is 02,10,91

Do I have any immediate work prospects

0 Reply Asked by n***a | 5/26/2017 7:53:30 PM

I am wanting to know if I should be actively searching for full time employment or continue to work in a freelance capacity. My DOB is 28 September 1955. thank you

when your birth and element year come around?

1 Reply Asked by c***y | 5/26/2017 2:15:26 PM

What is the influence when one's birth year and element come around? Ie, I was born in 1957 Fire Rooster. Now it is here again... thanks Cindy S.

Confused...what my zodiac sign actually is

1 Reply Asked by R***S | 5/26/2017 5:10:25 AM

My DoB is 31 Jan 1976 -- Some said 'dragon', and some said 'rabbit', even some said 'cusp'. True that your article indicates that 31 Jan 76 lies in Year of the Dragon, but I'm still confused+doubtful which animal is really me because my personality traits seemingly are somehow a mixture of both. Please could you advise, I'll be much appreciated.

How will b my career?will my life is of full of problems before nd after 35

0 Reply Asked by D***i | 5/25/2017 9:25:51 PM

Deepthi Mai Jan 31-01-1998 7:45pm(IST)

Life settled

0 Reply Asked by S***i | 5/25/2017 7:57:30 PM

Dear madam or sir Greetings, Would like to know more about my future,my sign is Rat, 02october,1984, is there any particular year will settle in my life peacefully, please​ let me know more about, does rats get any inheritance property, still now I am working hard and only eating my own work only, please see once how is my future Thanks and regards Shakti


0 Reply Asked by P***t | 5/25/2017 5:31:26 AM

When is my breakthrough year. To become rich and get married

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