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Asked by A***i | 4/8/2018 12:28:33 AM

My date of birth 12 /04/1990, time 4am, place =west bengal and my bf date of birth =01/12/1989, time -6.50pm, place -west bengal. He loves me so much but dont know why he didnt want to marry me. Please tell me will his mind change in future? Is he my future lifepartner?

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T***a 4/8/2018 8:43:48 PM

Hi Ani,

You are a good match based on your birth information but it seems that there will be a lot of problems between you if you get married. He is clever and ambitious, but stubborn, jealous and suspicious.

Do you love him as well? Have you ever asked him why he doesn't want to marry you? There may be some reasons of his parents are against your marriage. You'd better ask him about this and let him give you an answer.

A***i 4/8/2018 9:16:25 PM

Yes I have asked him several times but he never give a valid answer.His parents dont know about our relation. As first he says that it will ruin my life later he said that marriage is not for him. I love him so much.He loves me more than me,but when I asked for our marriage his all emotions are suddenly changed,and this is killing me each and every day. Is there any chances to get his love back? What should I do, please suggest me. Is there any chances of marriage between us?

T***a 4/9/2018 8:34:23 PM

The man who doesn't want to get married refuse marriage may caused by three reasons:
1. He is afraid of losing freedom after marriage.
2. He would not like to have more pressure and responsibility that a man usually have after marriage.
3. He is afraid to have problems with you after marriage which may cause separation or divorce at last.

What you should do is to dispel those thoughts of him. If he really loves you, he will get married to you. If he still doesn't and you still insist on marriage, you really have different values. It's not good for you to stay together any more.

A***i 4/9/2018 8:52:09 PM

So you are saying that, there is no chance of our future together?

T***a 4/10/2018 8:29:46 PM

Yes, few chance for you to be together in the future.

A***i 4/11/2018 3:57:37 AM

I cant live happily parting him.It is very tough to me, Is there any remedial solution of that situation?

T***a 4/11/2018 7:13:04 PM

If you could accept no marriage at present and just stay with him, it's okay. His idea that marriage is not for him may be changed after several years.

A***i 4/11/2018 7:29:10 PM

How much time may take it will?

T***a 4/11/2018 7:33:16 PM

After he gets some success in career maybe.

A***i 4/11/2018 7:35:47 PM

Ok, thanks

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