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Is the name 霞梦 good for a female born in the HORSE year? Thanks!

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Hi samantha,

You'd better also provide her date of birth and birth time for me to check if it's good.

If the zodiac sign is considered only, 霞 is not a good character for her born in the Horse year. Horse belongs to Fire in terms of five elements. As water is incompatible with fire, the characters with the radical of ''雨'' which stands for water should be avoided.
Dear Kendy,
Thank you very much for your kind reply. That's exactly what I thought, but I was confused by the fact that on this website (see page the hanzi 霖 (which also contains 雨) is described as an auspicious characters for people belonging to the Horse zodiac sign... It's probably a mistake, isn't it?
Thank you!
Thank you for pointing out the mistake. It's really a mistake. We have deleted 霖 from the Auspicious Characters list.

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