the best year to get married n conceive


Are male rooster (1993) and female pig(1995) compatible? when is the best year to get married?And the best year to have a baby? tqvm

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Hi lucy,

Rooster (1993)is Water Rooster and pig(1995) is Wood Pig in Chinese Astrology. As Water makes Wood grow, they are compatible.

Also, in Chinese zodiac, Rooster and Pig are compatible signs in terms of marriage. They are a couple that is centered on the male rooster, and both of them will get used to this way of living naturally. The male rooster likes to observe trifles and acts as a critic in front of the female pig. The female pig is a virtuous girl and will be a fine mother who is kind and full of the spirit of self-sacrifice. She is not good at independent thinking, so it's very easy for her to accept other's ideas.

For baby, the baby born in 2020 year of the Rat, 2021 year of the Ox, and 2022 year of the Tiger are all good for them.

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