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Are the following auspicious names?
1) 黄俐言(born 30/9/2015 16.04pm)
2) 黄莉云(born 7/10/2017 19.45pm )
3) 林卓锋 (born 21/2/2019 01.40am )

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1) 黄俐言(born 30/9/2015 16.04pm)
Born in the sheep year, this person should avoid characters related with knife which is harmful to the person. 俐 contains the knife, so, this is not a good character. You can change 俐 to 立 if it's for male. For female, you can use 丽 instead. They have the same pronunciation.

2) 黄莉云(born 7/10/2017 19.45pm)
This person was born in the Rooster year. The rooster should also avoid characters related with knife which is harmful to the person. 莉 also contains the knife. You can use 丽 instead.

3) 林卓锋 (born 21/2/2019 01.40am)
This person was born in the Pig year. Chinese characters with the radicals of ''刀'', which is related to killing and adverse to Pig should be avoided. So, 锋 is not a good word. You can place it with 峰.
Re-auspicious names

thank you for your quick reply.But i still have some doubts.
1) Isn't 丽 has the radical of dragon? Can a sheep girl named 丽 since sheep and dragon are not compatible?

2) Can you show 刀 in the word 锋?

Your advise is very much appreciated?
Hi lucy,

丽 don't has the radical of Dragon.

锋 has 钅which is related to metal and knife.
Dear Kendy,

Thank you for your attention and advice. I have changed their names due to your advice. But I need your expertise confirmation :-
1)黄丽元 or 黄丽言 or any better yan (sheep girl)

2) 黄丽匀 or 黄丽荺 or any better yun (rooster girl)
Dear Lucy,

1) 黄丽元 or 黄丽言 The last character for these two have different pronunciations. 元 is yuan and 言 is yan. If you want yuan, 黄丽媛 is a nice name. If you want yan, you can choose 黄丽妍.

2) 黄丽匀 or 黄丽荺, the second one is better. Also, 黄丽芸 is a very good one which has the same pronunciation with 黄丽荺.

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