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My fiance and I are both born under the same sign, year and month. He was born February, 7th 1992 and I was born February 4th, 1992. We are both water monkeys. I'm wondering if we are too compatible which might lead to bad marriage or if we're soulmates.

I'm also wondering about our careers. At what age are we predicted to make good returns or some money?

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Hi Kate,

According to the Chinese Astrology, you both under the Monkey sign are compatible with each other. You could share much in common. To have a harmonious family, you have to try to banish your egotism and jealousy. Facing difficulties, you should be impersonal and rational. You can live a happy and blissful life together if you pay attention to be frank and often communicate with each other.

You are more likely to make good returns or some money around the age of 33 and 46.

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