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1 Reply Asked by M***a | 2/28/2017 5:17:24 PM

M a single gal i have been dreaming regarding a guy quite often but hvnt seen his face all tht I can see is he is tall wearing a black color shirt ... What's d significance?

Dead black woman on a bicycle

0 Reply Asked by N***l | 2/28/2017 9:40:21 AM

I had two dreams where they both had the same dead body of a black woman with a bicycle next to her. The first one I just saw the dead body and the bicycle next to her. I the second I was building with bricks and it was pouring with rain. In the road was the body of a black woman with a bicycle next to her. People rode over her legs and she didn't move. Eventually a car almost rode over her head, stopped and a black woman got out of the car , that's when I woke up. I am a white male.

Dreaming about colleagues getting pregnant

2 Replies Asked by j***s | 2/27/2017 9:41:11 AM

I dream about my 5 colleagues getting pregnant, four of which are now pregnant. What would happen to the remaining one? or what is does my dream mean?

what it means to dream about fire?

1 Reply Asked by t***4 | 2/27/2017 8:33:45 AM

I dreamed that our house was on fire but it was just a small fire and I hurriedly put a water on it. It started when I pull the wire and it breaks and then there is a smoke and then followed by a fire. What does this means?

dream of an married girl

1 Reply Asked by P*** | 2/27/2017 4:53:38 AM

I want to ask you what if I saw a married girl in my dreams?

Fire on stairs of house in car i cannot put them out but the never get big

1 Reply Asked by D***s | 2/25/2017 6:34:47 PM

Fires small on the stairs of my house then in the car. As soon as i thought the fire was out it would begin again

I had a dream that I was pregnant

1 Reply Asked by L***n | 2/25/2017 3:04:56 AM

I had a dream that I was pregnant and so did my fiance and mom. Could this mean that I'm pregnant or could be. I have been trying to find an answer to this all night but I can't find anything. Me and my fiance have talked about having kids in the future but not now. What does these dreams mean. Help me please..

Endless arms

1 Reply Asked by s***e | 2/24/2017 10:23:25 PM

I had a dream last night that I caught a lady hurting another lady. I don't know or recognize either ladies, but one lady had the other by the arm and neck and was going to pull her arm apart, so I ask the upset lady whatever the other lady did to make her so upset it's not worth pulling her arm apart and that things can be easy solve without violence. The upset lady said "No, and the only way for this to be solve was to pull her arm apart. So I ask the hurt lady why was the lady so upset? The hurt lady said "I don't know, I'm lost and I came across this house and this lady just grab my arm and won't let go." I then ask the upset lady to let go of the hurt lady arm, but she won't so I took out a sword and cut both of the upset lady arm, but every time I cut her arm from the armpit another arm grow, then I would cut it again, then another one will grow back. I told the upset lady that I can keep cutting she let go of the other lady. I notice too that every time I cut the her arms they will grow back slower then before, finally the upset lady let go of the hurt lady arm then I woke up from the dream. I'm not a person who likes to watch bloody movies, but this dream bother me so much that I have to look into it. Please help me interpret my dream. Thanks.

wedding of parents

1 Reply Asked by E***a | 2/21/2017 2:40:20 PM

dreamt about my parents wedding with wedding bands and not aal the family are attending the wedding

Dream about running in the rain

1 Reply Asked by A***e | 2/20/2017 6:30:44 PM

Hi!!! I saw a dream where I was running in the rain....I was not alone, I was running with my cousin,she was all wet but I guess I wasn't....what does it mean?

Being bombed

1 Reply Asked by F***1 | 2/19/2017 3:13:15 PM

I was at training for a new job to work as a dog handler for the airports. We were outside and i looked at my friend and she put this bomb up her nose To hide it I went to tell someone I looked up and people were horrified and they threw out a bomb then after about 10 minuets they threw out another bomb.

Dreaming of period blood

1 Reply Asked by A***e | 2/18/2017 6:22:22 PM

Hi!!!!! I dreamt that I was over bleeding. The blood was all over my shirt And my trousers....what does it mean??? Also I was actually on my periods when I dreamt of it..thank you !!!!

my grandmother is died

1 Reply Asked by J***n | 2/18/2017 5:51:19 AM

My grandmother is died already but suddenly i see her in my dreams a live and kicking she talk to me and she said her fever is gone. I told her its ok and i kissed her and that it. What does it meAn?

Icy water

2 Replies Asked by J***e | 2/14/2017 5:45:41 PM

What dies it mea whe you jump in a swimming pool full of ice cubes and clear water

Sleeping in friend's bed toenail falls off

2 Replies Asked by c***b | 2/14/2017 12:59:58 PM

Hello there, I had a dream last night and I don't know what it means. Can you please help me to interpret it's meaning?: I was sleeping in my friend's bed with her beside me and we were woken up by her mother who discovered that my toe nail had been injured and I had bleed a bit on her sheets. My middle toe nail had come off but was still gently attached to the toe. Her mother tried to take off the toenail and I said "No."


1 Reply Asked by M***A | 2/13/2017 5:26:47 AM

I am a single girl Whats significance of seeing someone getting married in the dreams?


1 Reply Asked by s***y | 2/13/2017 5:13:23 AM

dream of 2 dogs and 3 rats in the house

I dream of cloud

2 Replies Asked by s***t | 2/12/2017 10:00:50 AM

I'm a year of horse. Born in 1954 March 10. I dreamt of cloud coming through my room window toward me. When I'm about to touch the cloud, I open my eyes, I feel that the cloud just slowly disappear in front of me. This happen during Chinese New Year midnight Praying "Tian Kong". I didnt do any special prayers on that day. I hope is a good sign but yet worry it a warning sign too.

lion swallowing a kid

1 Reply Asked by n***3 | 2/12/2017 9:48:26 AM

Hi, I dreamt of a lion swallowing a kid.What does it mean? Thank you


4 Replies Asked by J***n | 2/10/2017 7:33:20 AM

Went to a place wanted to stay there on one shot day, come many cats around me, I don't like cat. they do no harm to me ..Thanks master.

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