It Ate Her


My grandmother and I accompanied my psuedo sister to a photo shoot in the rain forest. They put my grandmother and I inside a Bamboo cage that looked like a steam room in a gym but it was in the middle of the rain forest River. We could open and close the door at will. The water came up to our chest when we came off the the upper ledge used for sitting. We could hear all the different animals around us. We had working cell phones. We ended up having to stay longer than intended because they lost the location of the "safe box". We were there 2-3 days taking turns napping. Grandmother appeared worry free and would open the door each day and swim just post the door a little to watch the sun rise and set. I cautioned against this but enjoyed the view from the sitting ledge. Grandma was reentering the safe box when a crocodile rammed into the door. Grandma had just unknowingly escaped. However, the next day I heard the roars of a big cat and a helicopter. It was my psuedo sister with crew. They finally found us. Grandma was ready to go but I heard another roar. Grandma other the door and said to me "you're so scary! That cat is nowhere near here! She looked up and we saw the tiger. Grandma turned to come back but the tiger plunged and ate her in one swoop! It was like the movement of a sea creature. One bite and they both vanished. I guess and closed the door. My psuedo sister called on the phone..... The red light flashing because the phone would soon die. Sarah hears the tone of my voice and draws an accurate conclusion. She is saddened and deeply hurt. Moments later she appears and the water in the safe box drains out like a bath tub. Beneath was a concrete floor with 3'concrete walls. Sarah explains if we had never opened the door, we would've been safe. All the while Grandma and I never knew there was a floor and we only had to stand up.

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