relaxing in a river


i was floting in a little river, then i slept off in this river then i had another dream in the dream of two fishes that was killed and the people who killd it are eating it without cooking it then i woke up. then i sweem back to the edge of the river but getting to the edge of the river it now look like a pond as i was trying to go out of the pornd it was defficult for me to go out then i find out that some fish attacked me and made it deficult for me to move my leg out so i strugle and got out and i step on them the one that refused to die i thought of salt in the dream and i saw salt close to my leg dont know how it got there so i used it to kill the fish then i woke up pls help me give a meaning to this dream

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Hi bidex,

The dream originally is not good for you. It means you will have a big change in life and your recent fortune is declining. In work, you will find it's not smooth and you always have a bad mood. Luckily, you dream of salt at last which indicates you have chances to get rid of the difficult situations and bad luck.

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