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Fishes interpretation

1 Reply Asked by E***e | 4/16/2017 10:35:24 AM

I had a dream with many Fishes in a pool of water strap. It was at a river as if some part dry out and i have access to these Fishes to catch them.

Small Fish

1 Reply Asked by s***m | 4/16/2017 2:27:34 AM

i saw small fishes in a dream like 4 nights..

Fire threatening to burn my house

1 Reply Asked by k***y | 4/15/2017 8:52:18 PM

The flames appeared at my bedroom window not threatening as such but beautiful Bright yet scary because my son and mum were sleeping nearby .as I went to rescue them there was some smoke

Fish dream meaning

1 Reply Asked by A***y | 4/14/2017 4:15:16 PM

My boy friend dreamed that we were at Supermarket , he bought sweets foods and i bought 2 pcs of fish and gave it to him with rags and told him this is for us , you have to eat this later not now.

Someone trying to kill me with knife

1 Reply Asked by M***b | 4/14/2017 11:04:32 AM

I had dream that someone trying to fight with me and try to kill me but he can't kill me, there are a lot of other people in the house he kills them and am trying to run away but he keeps chasing me with knife in his hand


1 Reply Asked by E***r | 4/14/2017 12:48:31 AM

I have a dream last night for thee second time,I ran along a lake and suddenly I saw a big Koifish swimming to me he looked at me completely in the eyes, and suddenly I was awake.What this dream means

Need to know the meaning of a dream

1 Reply Asked by L***a | 4/13/2017 4:05:44 PM

I dreamt that I had a large washing bowl filled full of live koi fish in clear water. They kept flopping out and as I was trying to keep them in, one gave birth to baby fish. No birth meaning. Unable to have any more children

being lost could not find my address

1 Reply Asked by w***t | 4/13/2017 3:50:10 PM

being lost walking around could not find my home address

I dream that my sister has no head

1 Reply Asked by T***s | 4/12/2017 11:20:53 PM

My sister is standing and when i look at her she's standing without head

I am married but dreamt I was single

1 Reply Asked by J***z | 4/12/2017 7:37:50 AM

Everyone was getting married but me. My cousin was the latest wedding. I was 36 in the dream & panicing


1 Reply Asked by m***a | 4/12/2017 7:07:05 AM

i am single whats the significance of dreaming ... that my best friend she is match making & introducing me to a guy ?

Ashamed of Fish Dying

0 Reply Asked by S***e | 4/11/2017 3:01:43 AM

In my dream I'm carrying a bag full of small fishes. The fish swim wildly then suddenly fall to the bottom of the bag as if dead. I felt ashamed that I let the fish die and so I run out to buy some more before the person who gave me the fish finds out. I wake up. In real life, the person who bought the fish is the ex-boyfriend of a very good friend that a I had. I ended this friendship because my friend had too many issues.

I dreamt about my husband giving me money

2 Replies Asked by C***e | 4/10/2017 8:23:16 AM

My dream is about about my husband giving me money (R200, R100 R20 & R10 notes for petrol/gas for my car.

Dreams of wedding together with after funeral

1 Reply Asked by K***3 | 4/10/2017 12:38:13 AM

Scenario: We are sitting in an open room together with her family and we planning our wedding and in the meantime having a group prayer for her uncle who past recently. There is also a sequence that a guy kiss her at the back of her neck and when i stop the guy he shows a knife and he run. And also i am pulling out metal things in my short about 2-3 inch per metal who stick in my short. And after the sequence i know that im already awake and i want to stand up but i cant. I knew whats happenning and i am shouting but i think its only in my mind that i am shouting but i knew that time whats happenning and i keep shouting and moving my body until i am awake. Thats all im just so curious about it. Hope u can help me. Thank you so much! Please send the answer to my email: swaggybits13@yahoo.com

Blood and tattoo.

1 Reply Asked by a***u | 4/8/2017 8:19:22 PM

I had a dream I went into a tattoo parlor to get a tattoo and they had to sedate me while I got it, when I woke up I was in a hospital with a IV attached to my arm and blood was being gave to me. after a while I felt like it was to much and I took the IV out and let some blood flow onto my clothes. I then reattached the IV to my other arm and after a while I took it out and let it again flow onto my clothes and I then reattached it to my stomach, when I looked at my stomach I had a tattoo but it was unfinished. I walked into the hospital bathroom to get a better look . When I looked into the mirror I realized the tattoo was unfinished and knew I would have to go through this again. My grandma was there and she said no way you are going through this again! when I walked back to the bed I noticed there was blood on my blankets and sheets and I was trying to hide it from my grandma. she saw it but she acted as if she didn't. I laid back down and looked where my IV was in my stomach and noticed it was gone.

devil chooses me to be his

1 Reply Asked by l***o | 4/8/2017 6:45:16 PM

a guy showed up and grabbed my hand and told me i was his he wanted me to be his. and right after that he turned into the devil, but i still went with him and we spend moments together after that i lost him of my sight. and i tried to find him, but every time i found him i still kept loosing him. and that repeated until i woke up


1 Reply Asked by E***r | 4/8/2017 6:33:18 PM

Hi, I had also an bizarre dream about snakes,I dream that I open a door of a room and inside a lot of big long snakes in the coulour white yellow was sleeping in piece on the floor I was not afraid. I just jump over them, and I was wondering so much snakes in a room they were move also very slowly and harmless.


3 Replies Asked by E***r | 4/8/2017 5:37:39 PM

I dream that I was in my new Hause and water came from upstairs in the kitchen and I wondering because it was a new House I looked upstairs and I see" O my God" I call God and after I waked up. Thank you for to explain my this dream.

Woke up crying from detailed dream

0 Reply Asked by D***e | 4/7/2017 12:23:05 PM

So I dreamed I was trapped in a house where people had to kill each other to get out and there was kids . A little boy witnessed his steps death in the upstairs and was trying to carry her body downstairs and was crying . I didn't know the boy or his sister but they were like 9 or 10. I picked up his sister n carried her the rest of the way n laid her body on the ground and I began to sob . I sobbed so hard I was screaming and next thing knew I woke up crying.


1 Reply Asked by N***h | 4/7/2017 4:13:48 AM

I dreamed my 14 year old son died

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