2014 Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

2014 Chinese Horoscope of Ox

2014 Fortune Ranking among the 12 Animal Signs: No. 11

Overview: 2014 will be a tough year for the Ox people. You may not have the best fortune as you will undergo a lot of hardships. Remember that harmony is precious at any time, do much good to others and care about less. It's no good being overhasty this year.

Love: As far as romance is concerned, the Ox may feel pressured to step up their game in 2014. Couples are easy to dispute and misunderstand. So try to understand and endure more in your life to avoid this. There will be many romantic opportunities for the single Oxen but it’s hard to find the right one.

Career: The fortune for the ox people in career seems not to be optimistic this year. There may little chance to have an opportunity for a promotion or increased salary. So, in this horse year, don’t cherish too much illusion in your work. Plan your career more careful and practically. You should be cautious that some mean people around you may play tricks to impede in your career.

Wealth: Wealth will go amiss with the ox people in this horse year. You are easy to suffer unexpected personal financial losses. So be careful no matter in investment or cooperate with others. Don’t make any large investment and dream about making a huge fortune overnight.

Health: Some of your old diseases may re-emerge in 2014. You may also suffer some Injuries. Don’t neglect a minor illness to avoid it turning to be serious. Once there is ill, go to see the doctor immediately. Maintain a healthy diet along with some appropriate exercise.

2014 Chinese Horoscope of Rat

2014 Fortune Ranking among the 12 Animal Signs: No. 10

Overview: There will be ups and downs for the rat people in 2014 no matter in life, work, health and psychology.

Love: In everyday life, the couple should be more tolerant with each other to avoid the unnecessary quarrel. Girlfriends and boyfriends are not advised to get engaged or married this year. An auspicious date must be chosen once doing these.

Career: It will be a hard year for rat people at work. There will be many difficulties and barriers during the work. While, don’t lose your heart, insist to work hard and showcase your abilities to the full extent. By the way, once choosing a job, east direction or wood related one is best for you.

Wealth: It’s not bad for rat people in terms of wealth in the year of the horse, but especially be careful with some large investments.

Health: Pay attention to diseases related to the eyes, heart or blood. Once there is any discomfort, go and see a doctor as early as possible.

2014 Chinese Horoscope of Tiger

2014 Fortune Ranking among the 12 Animal Signs: No. 5

Overview: The people under the sign of Tiger will enjoy very good fortune from almost all the aspects of life during the year of the horse. You should set your goals as soon as possible and take effective measures to accomplish, especially for the young person.

Love: Love fortune is good for the tiger this year. You will have a harmonious family admired by the people around. It's a best year for lovers to get married. Couples should communicate more to reduce suspicions and don't let rumors affect your family relations. Singles will meet their soul mates and get along with each other well.

Career: It's a very lucky year for you Tiger guys. You will get great career development opportunities and your efforts will be rewarded and acknowledged by leaders. So, seize the opportunity and unfold the grand plan greatly in this year!

Wealth: The year of Horse favor you financially. There will be many business opportunities. Think more about your managing method and grasp the good chance to get more profit. Also, make proper use of the money and avoid some large investment.

Health: You may feel bad because of your overtired work. Try to relax yourself by doing more outdoor sports.

Note: The above 2014 Chinese horoscopes prediction is based on people's birth year and the ancient Chinese astrology. It's just for your reference only.

2014 Chinese Horoscope of Rabbit

2014 Fortune Ranking among the 12 Animal Signs: No. 7

Overview: It's a tough year for the rat people during the year of horse. There will be ups and downs in your career, love relationship, health…You are easy to ask for trouble and fell into unfavorable situation. Avoid talking about others and causing serious trouble. Spend a holiday during April and May (Chinese lunar calendar) for the male Rat will be good to help release stress. Never go out during this summer.

Love: Love life may face some hurdles. There may be frequent arguments between couples because of the distrust with each other. For those in love, may part or fell into a state of cold war because of some trivial matters. Singles are easy to get favor from the opposite sex but also easy to be disliked because of your cool manner. So pay attention to adjust your mentality and care more about your partners.

Career: There are many chances for the Rabbit in work this year. You can expect appreciation from leaders and get promotions. But you should never be presumptuous and opinionated or talk about people behind their backs which will affect your career. For people born in the year of 1975 and 1987, work hard and help people more will obtain some unexpected harvest. Once finding business partners, People of the Dog, Rabbit and Sheep will bring you good luck as well as increase your likelihood of success.

Wealth: No financial problem will bother you in the 2014. But don't waste money. As you sow, so will you reap. Act sure – footedly and just let fortune take its course. Spring is good for your fortune, seize and opportunities but stay cautious while making big investments.

Health: Physical condition will be good for most Rabbit people. Pay attention to keep a healthy diet. While for the Rabbit people born in the year of 1951 should especially care the liver, gallbladder and waist problems. Go to the hospital for regular physical check – ups.

2014 Chinese Horoscope of Dragon

2014 Fortune Ranking among the 12 Animal Signs: No. 3
Overview: There is an old Chinese idiom ‘the spirit of a dragon horse’ describing one is full of vigor. The year of the horse will be good for the Dragon people. In everyday life, leaders and friends will help you a lot to make things work smoothly. To have good personal relationships and being subtle rather than obvious are important this year. You should keep good relationship with the people especially under the signs of Rabbit, Dragon and Dog.

Love: Your love life is good in 2014. The married people will live harmonious. If you are single, you are easy to meet your soulmates. But be faithful to avoid triangular relationship.

Career: Great chances favor the dragon people in work this year. You can get highly thought and appreciated by your boss. Promotion and pay rise are expected. Public officials can show abilities well and get outstanding achievements. Businessmen will get help from magnet and the career will advance by leaps and bounds. Never think yourself above your business or be supercilious and self – conceited.

Wealth: Your financial luck is good in 2014. There are many new marketing opportunities waiting you. You may also get some unexpected fortune. While, you should remember that never do anything to your profit at another's expense.

Health: It seems good for your health. However, you need to take special care of your heart, stomach and waist. Leading a regular life and keeping healthy diet are very important.

Note: The above 2014 Chinese horoscopes prediction is based on people's birth year and the ancient Chinese astrology. It’s just for your reference only.

2014 Chinese Horoscope of Snake

2014 Fortune Ranking among the 12 Animal Signs: No. 6

Overview: 2013 is the year of snake. People in their birth year usually have bad fortune. 2014, the year of the horse will be a good year for the people under the sign of the snake after last year’s hard time. This year, you should be steadfast and never be anxious to achieve quick success and get instant benefits. Keep friendly with others is also important. When choosing business partners, pay attention with the people born in the years of tiger, monkey and pig.

Love: Everything seems in your favor for the love life of the snake people. It’s a good year for singles to meet partners and may get married soon. Married people are most getting along with each other well. But for the people born in the year of 1977, pay attention to maintain the stable of your family and avoid having an affair.

Career: Your skills will be exposed well and get appreciated by your leaders. You may also get promotion this year. Businessmen will get help from friends to promote the career. The people under the signs of rooster, ox and monkey are good partners helping you a lot for your career. People born in the year of 1977 and 1989 should beware the trick by the people around.

Wealth: You may get unexpected income in 2014. As the finances will grow high, you should save your hard earned money as you may spend on luxuries.

Health: Physical condition is not good for the snake people especially for the children and the elderly. Children should pay attention to the sitting posture and spend less time on games which will do great harm to the eyesight. Also, avoid scald and burn. For the elderly, take special care of your heart and eyesight.

Note: The above 2014 Chinese horoscopes prediction is based on people's birth year and the ancient Chinese astrology. It’s just for your reference only.

2014 Chinese Horoscope of Horse

2014 Fortune Ranking among the 12 Animal Signs: No. 12

Overview: 2014 is the year of the wood horse. According to the Chinese astrology, people during the Year of Birth (Benming Nian) are unlucky and bad in fortune. Your love life, people friendship, wealth or job might encounter a certain barrier during the Horse year. You are easy to be irritable, depressed and unreasonably querulous which will be opposed and deserted by your followers. You need to be strong enough to overcome all the difficulties and play in low-profile during 2014.

Love: The love relationship is unfavorable for the horse people. If you are single, you are easy to meet your opposite sex especially in February (Chinese lunar calendar) but may not go on smoothly. The people in love and the married are easy to part because of the quarrel on some trivial matters. So focus on your love and family relations and try to be more endurable. If you plan to marry this year, you should pick up an auspicious day.

Career: There may be no great achievement for the horse people in career in 2014. You should adjust your mentality, be industrious and never be half-hearted about your work, or you will end up nowhere. Also pay attention to build good relationship with your colleagues and leaders especially for the horse people born in 1978 and 1990. This will make your career develop much easier.

Wealth: 2014 is also not a good year to invest money on business especially in march, June and August (Chinese lunar calendar). In September it is suggested. So watch your money tightly and have a good plan before your investment. Try to avoid cooperate with the people born in the years of horse, rat or ox.

Health: the Horse people in the Horse year should pay attention to the injuries caused by fire or burn. The elderly should care more about your heart, arms and legs. Don’t forget the regular physical examination. For the children, the liver, gallbladder and eyesight should be cared a lot.

2014 Chinese Horoscope of Sheep

2014 Fortune Ranking among the 12 Animal Signs: No. 2

Overview: 2014 (the year of the horse) predicts to be a lucky year for the people born in the year of the sheep. You will get many favorable opportunities and a lot of help from others. Once you insist on doing things industriously and never going the short - cut, you can be successful more easily.

Love: According to Chinese horoscope, Sheep and Horse get along well which is a good sign of love relationship. 2014 is a good year for the sheep people in terms of love relationships. Singles are expected to meet their love partners this year. For the married people, you will get along with each other very well. The people in love may get married this year. While, you should pay attention to the relationships with the opposite sex, in case of getting involved in secret affairs or love triangles.

Career: There will be good fortune for the Sheep people in work. You will be popular in your working environment and get support from colleagues. If you insist on working hard, a job promotion is possible. The businessmen will get a lot of friends which will be a great help to the money making.

Wealth: Investment is good in this year of horse for the sheep person. You may get a good harvest from your business and also some unexpected income. But you should not spend your money with open hands which may affect your good luck.

Health: On average, physical conditions for the sheep can be maintained at a good level. No serious illness will hit you this year. For the elderly, the particular concerns are heart, stomach and intestines diseases. So watch out your diet in daily life is important.

2014 Chinese Horoscope of Monkey

2014 Fortune Ranking among the 12 Animal Signs: No. 4

Overview: After the twists and turns in 2013 (the year of the snake), 2014 (the year of the horse) will be a better year for the people born in the year of the Monkey. Opportunities favor you and allow you to have a large development space. But never to be too optimistic. Remember to keep a low profile, be cautious and hard-working especially for the Monkey people born in the year of 1968 and 1980.

Love: The love relationship for the Monkey people is full of various good and ill luck. The married should avoid the quarrel and disagreements. Respect and cherish each other will guarantee a harmonious family. The unmarried should care more about your opposite sex and try not to ignore them because of your too much time on work. Singles need to pay attention to your romantic life and not miss the good chance as you are likely to regard your work first.

Career: Spring will be bright for the career of the Monkey people, but will be a flash in the pan. The government officials will go smoothly in the work and get a good performance. Your relationship with the leader is delicate although you can get appreciated. So keep prudent and don’t involve in the power struggle in case of offending your superior. Businessmen can get great success if dealing with the relationship with others well.

Wealth: 2014 will be a good year to get great income. The monkey people will have many opportunities and get help from the around people. Be careful not to get eaten up with pride and keep on a low profile.

Health: In terms of health, it’s not so good for the Monkey person. You may get hurt this year. The drivers should be more careful on road. For the seniors, the long-distance travel is not suggested. In all, maintain a healthy lifestyle and always keep peaceful mood can make you healthy and far away from illness.

2014 Chinese Horoscope of Rooster

2014 Fortune Ranking among the 12 Animal Signs: No. 8

Overview: 2014, The Year of the Wood Horse will be wonderful for the Rooster people. Plenty of good luck and success are predicted to come your way this year. But remember to be prudent and diligent.

Love: The Romance Star appears in 2014. So to the Roosters, it will be a joyful and prosperous year for love relationship and horoscope. For the single person, you are likely to meet your opposite sex and welcomed by others as you will have more active social activities. However, you should arrange the time of work and entertainment properly. For the people in love for many years, this year is the best time to get married. For the couples, third party intervention should be watched out.

Career: The career horoscope would be good for the rooster people this year. You would get elegant aid in career and have many opportunities, but it will not be all smooth sailing. You should be proactive and don't get slack at your work. Good opportunities and chances favor the businessmen as well. However, to be more careful when invest.

Wealth: Money is waiting the Roosters to get in 2014, the Wooden Horse year. So you should try your effort to get it. Although you can earn a lot of money this year, it’s not easy to save money. You might easy to spend more on the opposite sex or lend your money to your friend and relatives. So pay attention to manage your wealth is also important.

Health: It’s not too bad for the Rooster people in terms of physical conditions. Seniors should pay attention to your respiratory system. Stay away from pollutants and avoid traveling afar especially in winter this year. The women should pay attention to gynecological diseases and care more about some light illness.

2014 Chinese Horoscope of Dog

2014 Fortune Ranking among the 12 Animal Signs: No. 1

Overview: After a good year of 2013, the year of the snake, the Dog people will continue to experience excellent luck in 2014, the year of the horse. If you can get help from or cooperate with the people born in the year of the Tiger, then the multiplier effect can be achieved. The year of 2014 favor those who are dynamic, forthright and strong-minded. You should cherish the good chance, finish what you start and never give up. Also taking good advice from other people is important to help promoting your fortune.

Love: The love forecast for the Dog sign is positive in 2014. The married are harmonious in life. If you have a baby born this year, your life will be much happier. However, there is the possibility of wild romance which you should pay great attention to. The singles are suggested to take part in more social activities which offer you many chances to meet the right one. You are probably find your loved ones during April of Chinese lunar month.

Career: The Dog sign bearers will be able to enjoy a fruitful year in 2014 in terms of career. You can showcase your best qualities well in your work. You may change your jobs and get more rewards then the present one. Whether you are officials or businessmen, you are encouraged to be accountable for your work, diligent and never taking a short cut.

Wealth: Although the dog people will be lucky in getting money this year, you should stay quite cautious. You should try hard to save your money rather than spending it on unnecessary people or things. As long as you seize the chance to earn money and track your expenditures well, you could get great success.

Health: There will be no great illness for the Dog people in 2014. Keeping a healthy diet is very important for you. Take care of yourself especially in autumn as the weather changes. For the drivers, never drink and drive. For the seniors, take care of the changes of blood pressure caused by your too much worries. Make sure to have a quiet mind to release yourself. 

2014 Chinese Horoscope of Pig

2014 Fortune Ranking among the 12 Animal Signs: No. 9

Overview: According to the 2014 Chinese Horoscope, after last year’s ups and downs fortune, 2014 (the year of the horse) turns to be better for the people under the animal sign of the Pig. Although the career and wealth opportunity shows pretty good in 2014, it will still be challenging. You may get lost if you deal things in a wrong way. Especially for the pig born in the year of 1971 and 1983, tread with caution in your work or business. Remember never slack off; work hard to strive for good chance and achieve what you want.

Love: Love life will stay smooth if you can get along well with your loved one. For the married, avoid arguments in daily life and care more about your family members. If you are single, you will be more active in social activities and find your love in 2014. Peach blossom might emerge in October (Chinese lunar month).

Career: In 2014, to the Pig officials, the career opportunity will be pretty good in terms of invest besides work. But don’t affect your official work because of your business. For ordinary people, in work, you might encounter problems in autumn. Also you would encounter some little trouble occasionally. Never be discouraged, seek help from the people around, you can get good result.

Wealth: The Pig person may have prosperous wealth this year, but might lose some money if can’t handled it properly. You’d better spend money carefully instead of casually. Do best to help the poor; you may get some unexpected returns. 2014 is a good year for you to invest, but make a proper plan and study the market are important to guarantee a success.

Health: The physical condition would be good in 2014. However, overindulgence in food and drink will harm your health. So watch your diet. Do more outdoor exercises and travel especially in autumn are good for your health. The children should avoid swimming without the parents’ accompany. The seniors should less in sugar in diet and keep the good habit of exercising. When driving, take great care of the safety and avoid strenuous exercise to hurt yourself. As long as you concern about your health well, the Pig people will be fine this year.