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Hi, I'm a male born on 12 Feb 1997, with my bazi, 丁丑壬寅乙酉丁亥. Report said i have a balanced bazi, which is good right? But i dont really understand this: Fire: 2(27.6)| Water: 2(20) | Wood: 2(22.8) | Metal: 1(12) | Earth: 1(5.3) |
Your Five Elements (Wu Xing) have too many Fire . Your Day Master is Wood and it needs to be supported by Fire element. Also, you should avoid to have more Earth.
Is my main element wood? Why supported by fire and not water? Why avoid more Earth?
Other than that, i also wish to know my noble element, and my fate (like diamond or garden), and what element of career should i pursue. Any additional information is welcomed and deeply appreciated.
Thank you in advance. :)

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It's been one week please help me
Please let me know your birth time as well.
2159 GMT+8
Hi RyanS,

Yes, your main element is wood. As you have enough wood, you don't need water to generate more wood. Too much earth will decrease the energy of wood. So, you should avoid more earth.

The career related to wood is suitable for you:
cultural career, writing, fashion designer, secretary, teacher, education and culture, cashier, bookstore owner, scholars of special animal and plant growth, wood processing sales, wood equipment, wood products, furniture, medical industry, cloth sales, planting research and improvement, flower shop, interior design,etc.

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