What will be the outcome of my relationship?


We have known and loved each other for many years and recently he has found the courage to ask me out. As much as I love him I am also a bit doubtful, please help me find a solution to this relationship, I feelit would put my mind to ease, thank you.

My partner details:

Date of Birth: 02.09.1976
Name: T.Govender

My Details:
Date of Birth: 29.04.1979
Name: V.Anandh

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Hi Vetaan Anandh,

You are under the sheep sign and he is dragon in Chinese astrology. You are a couple lacking appeal for each other. You have totally different temperament and you are unwilling to make concession to the other. He is smart, brave, decisive, adventurous and independent, while you are a good housekeeper who is passionate, fragile and sentimental. You need frequent and persistent comfort. He may help an unfortunate woman because of his strong sense of justice, but it's hard for him to behave so patient and sympathetic as what you desire. Both of you have to make great efforts and try not overdo a thing in order to live a harmonious life.
Hi Kenny

Thank you for your response.

I am not one for Chinese Astrology, however, one of my friends suggested it.

Although I am the Sheep and he is the Dragon, this relationship we share is the complete opposite.

We are both well established and currently expanding our businesses, extremely busy at times and we are both very much independent.

What i dont get is, if you say so, then please enlighten me as to why my Dragon, potraits the complete opposite side, he has asked that our relationship be kept private as he doesn't want any bad energy follow. He has thanked me for being a part of his life numerous times.

He spoils me with Chocolates, flowers & we are constantly chatting in a day, our calls last nothing less then an hour, majority of the time he spends at my home or I at his home, so now you leave me absolutely confused....

Hi Vetaan Anandh,

I only provide compatibility information for your your signs. It not fit all the people completely because birth time plays more important role about your relationship.
Yeah. Like what Kendy said, it is a huge misconception that your yearly sign is the only thing you have. Especially over here in the west where deep, DEEP info about the chinese zodiac is very scarce. Meaning that all of these personality traits and relationship predictions that may be aligned with your yearly sign only may not even be true. Which is why it's important to look at your hourly and even monthly signs as well.

So the next time you find some couples/friends with opposing zodiac signs, or some introverted people with an "extroverted" zodiac sign, try looking into their hourly and monthly signs. Not just their yearly signs.

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