Which babies will be compatible with my family?


I am an Aries Tiger and my husband is a Leo Ox. We have one child, a Scorpio Dog. If we were to add one or 2 babies to our family which years would be the most compatible? From Sagittarius Rat on. So possible kids are rat year briefly, ox, tiger, rabbit, etc.. but we wont have any kids past the horse year and probablystopping years before that. Thank you.

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Hi Amy Lapinski,

Your next babies should be born in the Rat, Ox, Tiger or Rabbit years. Others years before Horse year are not good for your family.
Would a dog rabbit and ox make a good sibset do you think? Or just dog and tiger, dog and ox, or dog and rabbit or dog and rat and rabbit? I'm a tiger , ox is husband and dog is our son to refresh your memory. Thank you.
Rabbit and Dog are Liuhe (https://www.yourchineseastrology.com/zodiac/compatibility/liuhe/) and Rabbit are also compatible with Tiger and Ox. So, Rabbit is a good sign for your next baby to your family.

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