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0 Reply Asked by L***i | 12/15/2020 9:56:25 AM

Hello, My name is Leena Rai D.o.b- 4th November,1993 When I'm likely to marry? Thankyou in ...

Baby boy in 2021

3 Replies Asked by A***i | 12/15/2020 7:59:43 AM

My date of birth is 25th Feb 1987, and my husband date of birth is 7th Feb 1987 We want baby b...


2 Replies Asked by a***g | 12/11/2020 4:32:41 AM

Hi , I am Fire snake ,my wife is water dog and my son is metal tiger. We are not get on well so...

about bazi chart..

0 Reply Asked by S***e | 12/5/2020 8:46:51 AM

im born on 8 july 1981.. pig hour analysis points i have a weak yin fire chart, even my name...

Lucky Lotto Numbers and Days Based on My Zodiac sign

3 Replies Asked by T***l | 11/27/2020 3:42:12 AM

I want to know what are my lucky lottery numbers and days.

Is Tiger year good for baby?

1 Reply Asked by K***e | 11/23/2020 9:32:41 AM

Hi, we just got married. I am a monkey Mother and husband is dragon. I know ox year is a good y...

活 愛 女 - What could this tattoo mean?

2 Replies Asked by L***e | 11/15/2020 4:09:55 PM

I have seen this tattoo on one of my friends skin. She told me there is no way I can get what i...


0 Reply Asked by K***o | 11/14/2020 11:12:51 PM

I lost my job I would like to know if i will find another job anytime soon.My date of birth is ...

Time of birth

1 Reply Asked by M***n | 11/1/2020 7:25:33 AM

Hi, I am a person borned in Malaysia and my question is should I adjust the timing accordingly ...

Which one matters: Chinese or Gregorian Birth Date?

1 Reply Asked by A***M | 10/26/2020 8:46:33 PM

Hi, For awhile, I've been keeping up to date with horoscope and astrology. I know my nata...

Conflicts and compatibility

1 Reply Asked by A***s | 10/26/2020 4:05:23 AM

I am a Water Tiger (1962), My youngest children (twins) are Metal Tigers (2010). What will be ...


1 Reply Asked by P***i | 10/18/2020 5:37:03 AM

My date of birth 23 october 1994. When will I get a good job.

When will I get Married

1 Reply Asked by N*** | 10/17/2020 9:55:04 PM

I wanted to know when will I get married My birth date is 15-03-1997

If you know your fate can you change it

1 Reply Asked by B***n | 10/16/2020 8:47:27 PM

I am a 1963 water rabbit. If I follow the predictions for the year my life will be average. How...

Should I expect much out of life?

0 Reply Asked by J***s | 10/15/2020 5:02:01 AM

Female 11/01/2001 1:05am My life is not going well and all of my interpersonal relationships...

I would like to get advice on remedies and career to choose

2 Replies Asked by T***y | 10/8/2020 6:33:16 AM

Dear, I would like to ask, if I should choose Fire or Water remedies for my weak bazi below, p...

Ox lucky years

3 Replies Asked by D***d | 10/7/2020 11:18:24 AM

best and worst years , start at 25 or 26 is it based Chinese age or normal calendar bday?

When will i have a kid

0 Reply Asked by s***a | 10/6/2020 4:10:54 AM

I am married since 4yrs and trying for baby my IVF attempt failed in September 2020 and want a ...

About lucky years ox sign

5 Replies Asked by D***d | 10/2/2020 2:57:43 PM

When I’m 25 will my lucky start in the year or when my bday happens? Also what will my best ye...

please predict my marrriage yer

2 Replies Asked by m***h | 9/27/2020 3:24:43 AM

my date of birth is 20/10/1974 . when I will get married

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