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Will I get bank job?

0 Reply Asked by R*** | 6/12/2019 1:04:29 PM

DOB 20/11/1995 Time 7:12pm Place Machilipatnam,Andhra Pradesh, india Will I get bank or government job?? If there is chance of getting job at what time can i get

Horse year auspicious name

3 Replies Asked by s***a | 5/20/2019 12:01:29 PM

Hello, Is the name 霞梦 good for a female born in the HORSE year? Thanks!

Love Compatibility & Career, Financial Stability

1 Reply Asked by K***e | 5/17/2019 8:01:20 AM

Hello, My fiance and I are both born under the same sign, year and month. He was born February, 7th 1992 and I was born February 4th, 1992. We are both water monkeys. I'm wondering if we are too compatible which might lead to bad marriage or if we're soulmates. I'm also wondering about our careers. At what age are we predicted to make good returns or some money?

Will I marry to a foreigner

0 Reply Asked by T***v | 5/17/2019 12:06:44 AM

Birth time - 06:55 am,place - Varanasi,Uttar Pradesh,India,Birth date - 06 December 1999

Am I a Monkey or a Sheep or Hybrid

3 Replies Asked by K***e | 5/9/2019 9:37:12 AM

Hello! I was born February 4th 1992 between 1am-5am in London, England I would like to know if I'm a monkey or a sheep? Thank you

Birth hour prediction

3 Replies Asked by C***n | 5/1/2019 6:50:44 AM

Hi, is your birth hour prediction based on China time zone or our own local time? Thanks

confuse with 5 elements

1 Reply Asked by l***h | 5/1/2019 4:08:29 AM

I am very confused with the 5 elements. For example, a baby girl born in 7 october 2017 at 19.45 is a fire rooster. But her 喜神 is wood element. How do I name her correctly? Please advice. tqvm.

auspicious names

5 Replies Asked by l***h | 4/24/2019 8:33:44 PM

Are the following auspicious names? 1) 黄俐言(born 30/9/2015 16.04pm) 2) 黄莉云(born 7/10/2017 19.45pm ) 3) 林卓锋 (born 21/2/2019 01.40am )

chinese name

5 Replies Asked by l***h | 4/24/2019 7:35:39 PM

How to write chinese name for Shifer? born in 18-6-1988 at 6.40am . Tqvm

the best year to get married n conceive

1 Reply Asked by l***h | 4/21/2019 6:10:43 PM

Are male rooster (1993) and female pig(1995) compatible? when is the best year to get married?And the best year to have a baby? tqvm

the best year of birth(zodiac) for next baby

1 Reply Asked by l***h | 4/20/2019 5:32:25 PM

Both my wife and I are dragon (1988) . Our first born was a Sheep. Second born was a rooster. Please advise on our next baby. tq

cure for dragon husband and dragon wife

1 Reply Asked by l***h | 4/19/2019 8:36:44 PM

just learned that dragon couples have self punishment sign. Please help us to find solutions and cures.

I am Earth Rooster

1 Reply Asked by S***e | 4/18/2019 8:22:58 AM

I want to know in which date within may 2019 to start a new construction business?

What does my brazi mean

5 Replies Asked by j***z | 4/13/2019 11:57:41 PM

DoB sept 28 1997 3:20am

Love marriage or arrange

0 Reply Asked by s***l | 4/11/2019 2:03:01 PM

Hi, My DOB: 24/june/1991. Place of birth: Multan, Pakistan. I want to know that when will I get married and is it going to be love marriage or arrange marriage.? And I like the guy will he marry me or not? Please do let me know. Thanks

Zodiac animal

1 Reply Asked by E***n | 4/9/2019 1:13:05 PM

I am born 1/7/1983 and boyfriends bday is 7/29/1990...what signs r we on ChineseZodiac and are we compatible??

Can you give me a full analysis on Cancer Monkey Blood type A?

0 Reply Asked by J***u | 4/8/2019 7:10:29 PM

I am interested in western and chinese zodiac recently and also blood types.

good luck bad luck

1 Reply Asked by B***e | 4/7/2019 8:20:56 PM

how come you keep saying i am goanna get a bad luck just because I was born at year of the sheep this is blasphemy


1 Reply Asked by K***k | 4/4/2019 3:08:52 AM

Are 1994 dogs hard to get along with?

I would like to know about my future

0 Reply Asked by s***r | 3/25/2019 6:07:50 AM

Hi , I would like to know below things for my future . According to my DOB in indian - 05-July-1983 . Please let us know my future how it will be in below terms 1) How would be my over all life 2) About my family i.e. my wife , kids? & my parents 3) Does i have happiness in my life ? 4) Does i have money in my life , which could help me & others? 5) At present i have one baby girl kid & do i will have another baby boy? 6) Relation ship between my wife & me and kids in future with me ? my wife DOB :24-NOV-1988 Can you please answer & let us know how would be my over life for future .

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