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Love marriage or arrange marriage?

1 Reply Asked by A***h | 7/25/2019 9:20:12 AM

Name:ansh raj singh Birth date:19 April 2004 Birth place:ambikapur cg. Birth time:1:51 am Girlfriend name:khushi Singh

Compatibility. Happy Marriage or a Hurtful one.

1 Reply Asked by a***a | 7/22/2019 10:37:35 PM

Thank you so much in advance. Just felt the need to clear my doubt. :( Female : 28/10/2000. 7:50pm Male : 29/8/2000. 2:44am

Arrange or love

0 Reply Asked by J***s | 7/18/2019 7:03:58 AM

Hello I wanted to know if my marriage will be arrange or love, and if you can give me any details on my partner like his initials/name or job. Thank you Jannat Ferdous DOB: 02/07/1992 , birth at 4-6 am morning

Life partner

0 Reply Asked by J***s | 7/16/2019 4:06:30 AM

Hello my name is Jannat Ferdous, birthday is February 7,1992 I was born around 4-6 AM morning. can you tell me if it’s an arrange or love marriage and any details about my life partner? Like name or any description. Thank you.

Life partner

1 Reply Asked by J***s | 7/15/2019 4:32:48 PM

Hello my name is Jannat Ferdous, birthday is February 7,1992 I was born around 4-6 AM morning. I wanted to to know when will I get married or meet my partner?

i wanna know that if we have a future together or can be have a happy married ??

1 Reply Asked by i***a | 7/11/2019 8:16:05 AM

his birth date is 19 august 2000 and mine is 24 april 2002!

when wll i get married?? will it be love or arrange marriage??

0 Reply Asked by i***a | 7/11/2019 8:08:27 AM

name-isha sood birthday-24 april 2002

Where’s my match?

1 Reply Asked by R***y | 7/10/2019 8:18:28 AM

I really want to know if there’s that guy out there and should I keep trying with my ex because to me he is perfect but he broke up with me twice so.. I don’t know. My name is Ruby Anthony born 15th of July 2002 and my ex is Jesse Forder born 27th of May 2003. So yeah thank you xx


1 Reply Asked by H***e | 7/9/2019 9:01:23 AM

hi my date of birth is 13th april 1990 and my boyfriends date of birth is 9th March 1988. we are having difficulties getting married, i would like to know if he is a good match for me and if yes when will we get married. which year including 2019 is good chance?

I want to know i am a snake ,and he is a pig

1 Reply Asked by M***g | 7/6/2019 10:06:35 PM

We both match or not dob is 11/15/89 he is 1/14/84. Can we get along and live happyly couple in the future ?

when will i get married and will it be love or arrange?

1 Reply Asked by d***i | 7/6/2019 5:48:42 AM

deepak upreti dob: 20/07/1992 time : 9:42pm location: bazpur,uttarakhand india

Which are the most compatible with me?

1 Reply Asked by L***C | 7/4/2019 7:39:16 PM

I am born on 06/19/1999 at 9:45 p.m., from the 12 day officers I am from No. 9. Success (Cheng), there is some possibility of a person born from No. 5. Stable 定 (Ding) be my partner perfect for long-lasting relationships? What others are more compatible with me for this purpose? Soon would my complementary couple be someone born on the day of the pig (preferably fire) with the month of the goat (preferably wood)?

Which are the most compatible with me?

1 Reply Asked by L***A | 7/3/2019 1:22:28 PM

I am born on 06/19/1999 at 09:45 pm by the Gregorian calendar, on the lunar says to be the sixth day of May, in the year of Earth Rabbit,And my blood type is B, What blood types, animals and elements are most compatible with mine for lasting relationships?

When I will get married and it is love marriage or arranged marriage

0 Reply Asked by S***a | 6/25/2019 11:40:34 PM

Im sreeja DOB-22/05/1998 Time:07:45

Who is my match my birthday is December 29 /1965

1 Reply Asked by S***s | 6/16/2019 11:21:36 PM

I'm a female Capricorn what sign is my match my birthday is December 29/1965

I'm a female Capricorn what sign is my match

1 Reply Asked by S***s | 6/16/2019 4:53:46 PM

I'm a female Capricorn who is my match

Love Match - Are We Compatible?

1 Reply Asked by J***t | 6/6/2019 3:49:54 AM

Hello There, I am a female born 02/14/1989 at 6:15am in Anaheim, CA and am inquiring about an male born 12/04/1985 time of birth I do not know but city of birth is San Diego, CA. What’s the possibility of us being a good love match? Compatibility wise?? Thank you in advance

Are We made for each other

1 Reply Asked by S***a | 5/26/2019 4:47:56 AM

I am madly in love with him his date of birth is 1991 -01 -08 and mine is 1987 -6 -28. Please suggest me what i can do so that he will marry me only. Its been 6 yes we know each other and he still says he dont want to marry . Please help


1 Reply Asked by T***K | 5/14/2019 12:23:17 AM

My DOB is 26/07/1992 and my boyfriend is 04/05/1992. What are difficulties that we need to face? Will we end up marrying? We both are from different religions. But still we like each other a lot. It has been more than six years since we both started knowing each other. We both neither text nor talk to each other. But I could still feel the connect with him. It has become hard for me to replace someone in his place. But at the same time I wonder will this ever going to happen or not?

Love marraige or arrenge marraige

0 Reply Asked by S***r | 4/22/2019 9:54:37 PM

I am sadwal halder...I am confused about my marraige...please help me Name: Sadwal Halder DOB: 21/02/2002 Time: 6.30 AM Place:Barrackpore, west bengal

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