I’m married but I love another guy


I’ve been married for 2 years , I’m only 20 years old by the way , and I’m in love with another guy. I want to leave my husband because I’ve seen what I was looking for . But my parents and family members do not want me to leave my husband because they’re claiming they don’t know what the future holds . I am in need of help.. my husband is called Mamadou Cellou diallo but the person I love is called Ibrahima Seydi . Please help me choose the best guy out of these two

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Hi Maimuna Jallow,

Do you have much problem with your husband? Do you have baby now?

What's your date of birth and the two men's?
I don’t have problems with my husband. He is like a perfect husband but I don’t love him. I don’t have any children as well.
My husband,Mamadou Cellou diallo has a date of birth of 14 August 1986 and Ibrahima Seydi, the person I love, has a date of birth of 27 July 1988
What's your date of birth?
My date of birth is 8 December 1997
Hi... I haven’t heard from you.. please get back to me as soon as possible...
You are under the Ox sign. Your husband is Tiger and the person you love is Dragon.

In fact, your are compatible with your husband and not compatible with the one you love. If you stay together or get married with the one you love for a long time, you will find you are challenging to each other. He longs for true love and requires the other's admission and praise for his efforts, but you don't often feel this. You are realistic and care about material benefits, but he always thinks that you are too demanding and lack sympathy.

It's better to end your relationship with that guy and try to spend a happy life with your husband. You will find he has many good characters.
But if I get married to the person I love and leave my husband I hope it wouldn’t make anyone of us to die early ... are we going to have problems between us or will it affect us spiritually ??
I really love this guy n I believe if we get married we would only have to understand each other even if there are problems ..
I can’t be without him .
Leaving him isn’t the best solution
Your best match is a Snake man.

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