Are me and my girlfriend compatible?


Hi, I'm a male born in June 28 1993 (rooster), i've been dating my girlfriend born in 18 oct 1992 (monkey) for 5 years. During our relationship, we have been relatively happy, even though we have arguments that are mostly minor and fixable. I am planning to marry her next year in the year of the tiger.

My question is, are we compatible? And will I have a happier life than before after our marriage? Thank you!

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Hi, please don't type my name when replying 😄 thank you!
It's easy for you to attract and fall in love with each other, but it's hard for you to get along very well for long. Both of you are self-indulgent, self-centered and militant. Both of you are born with nimble wits and excellent eloquence, but your talent won't help in your marriage life. You should try to change your combative character to ease your relationship in order to last long.

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