Will we be able to be together forever?


Dates of birth,
Male : 23.11.1998(Sydney,Australia,time around 1pm afternoon,doesn’t know exact time)
Female : 11.9.2002(Yangon,Myanmar,10:05am morning)

Right now,we live in different countries & r far apart.
I’m living in Myanmar right now& my parents will probably send me to UK once I graduate.
I m trying to move to Aussie for him but it’s gonna take long for me to move there. Can take up to 6-15years to get to Aussie.

R we compatible?
& I really wanna know if we will be able to get together even if there r difficulties.
Will we have arranged marriage by our parents? Or will we be able to get married through our free love & have a life together?

He is turning 23 this year & I m turning 19 this year.
If we really r destined& can get married in the future& have a life together, when r we supposed to meet in real life & probably at what age are we gonna get married to each other?

Thanks lots!!!!! I really wanna know those questions😊
Thanks a lot a lot for ur time,Sir/Madaam 😊
Pls don’t expose my name when replying. Thx lots!
I just wanna keep myself low profile😅.
I will really be obliged if u do reply to my question & give suggestions &predictions! 😊

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You are hard to be together in the future. You will marry another person arranged by your parents after graduation. But life can be changed if you both insist to change it. It depends on you two. If you two could have way to be together after graduation, you have a great chance to get married in the future.
Oh thx lots for telling,Sir/Madam
Can I ask a few more advice? 😁
So is it that I have chance of arranged marriage if I don’t try? & if we both try,we can have love marriage of our own?
How much percentage is my chance of arranged & love marriage,Sir/Madam?
I won’t surely get arranged marriage,right,Sir/Madam?
It’s just hard to be together,right? but it’s not impossible to be together,right? We do have some chance,right? Sir/Madam

How should we try to be together,Sir? Shall I try hard to get to Australia after graduation? Or is it also possible if he can come to Myanmar? Or is it still possible if I don’t get directly to Aussie & have to stay for 5-7years in the UK after graduation?
At what age shall we start trying to be together,Sir? I’m really worried that my family will arrange my love life&marriage.
At what age is my family possibly gonna arrange marriage? & at what age am I expected to get married if it’s arranged? & if we can manage to be together, at what age can we really meet & get married?

& does that mean that I have both chances of arranged & love marriage? & what will really happen depends on me&him? If we can manage to be together,will our families agree? Or do we have to face problems for the approval of our families? When should we tell our families to avoid arranged marriage by family? Sir, can u pls help me predict how much time we still have to try to be together & avoid arranged marriage?
What will happen to him if we can’t get together?

& Sir,is it that my love life& marriage(whether arranged or love) really depends on me & I can change my fate if I insist?

Sorry for too many questions,Sir 😅 & Im really thankful towards answering my questions 🥺
Hi Madam, his time of birth is 00:15am Leo Ascendant his mom forgot the exact time.
We are trying to get together right after my graduation
Thx lots, Madam

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