Will we have love marriage? Tho there will surely be difficulties to get togethe


Female DOB: 11.9.2002 10:05am Yangon,Myanmar (Libra Lagna)
Make DOB: 23.11.1998 around 1pm Sydney,Australia (Aquarius Lagna)

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Bcs,Sir/Madam, we love each other a lot & we do know we have to overcome lots of difficulties to be together

Thx for ur time,Sir/Madam. & on reply,pls don’t mention my name as I wanna keep it low profile as just anonymous 😊
You will have love marriage. Both of you are open-minded, enthusiastic and good at communication, which makes you a happy and vigorous combination. The male tiger is humorous, steady and thoughtful, and the female horse is sweet, virtuous and smart. The male tiger will work hard for the family and his career, while the female horse can tolerate her husband's changeability and integrate their strength wonderfully.
Oh thx 😊
Thx Madam ^^ some says it’s hard to be tgt. That’s why I was worried.I once asked on this website & got an answer that it will be hard to be tgt in the future but there’s chance if we can manage to be together & life actually depends on us. So that made me worried.😊

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