will we get married?


name: kakoly begom
DOB: 18.12.1993
birth place: Thakurgaon, 11.00am, saturday

Name: Abdur Rahman (Rocky)
DOB: 18.08.1989
birth place: Rajshahi

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Hi Kakoly Jahan,

You are a perfect match and you will get married. Your marriage will benefit both of you and makes your life better. The boy under the snake sign is smart, scheming and well-ordered. The girl under the rooster sign is resolute and efficient. The boy admires the girl's efficiency, and can make up her carelessness. The girl honors the boy's carefulness and discretion. She can also fully understand him, and offers help in every possible way.
Hi, I am very happy to hear that. But i put wrong Date of birth of the boy, i tried to correct that but there was no option to edit the question... the date of birth will be 18.08.1987.... it was a typing mistake.. can you help me now?
Hi Kakoly Jahan,

The result will be completely different. If he was born in 1987, you will conflict each other in terms of zodiac sign, thus have conflicts and quarrels easily in life.
Can i ask another question about marriage?
Hi Kakoly Jahan,

Yes, you can ask here for free.
Name: Najmus Sakib Siddiquee
DOB: 04th May 1991
Birth Place: Dinajpur

will we get married? Are we compatible to each other?
He loves me a lot. but i'am little bit confuse about him. sometimes he lied to me and when i know that i get very upset.
can u plz give me a detail answer?
Hi Kakoly Jahan,

Yes, you may get married to this person. You are compatible in the long run. Although you always hold different standpoints on problems, you are willing to finding common ground while reserving differences at last. Both of you will try your best to build up a steady family after marriage.
May be i don't know you, but it's a great pleasure to talk with u. Thank you :)

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