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I've known two born on 19.8.1993 and one more born on 28.8.1985. im born on 15.11.1991. May i know which man is suitable to be my husband?

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Hi Melissa Isa,

Your sign is sheep. The guy who was born in 1993 is Rooster and 1985 is Ox.

In Chinese astrology, Sheep and Ox conflict each other. You have better avoid getting married. Or there will be many different opinions, disagreements, quarrels or unhappiness after marriage.

Rooster is suitable to you.

It's just for your reference.
How about a guy that born on 24.1.1989 and a guy that born on 19.8.1993?
Hi Melissa Isa,

Also the guy born on 19.8.1993 is more suitable to you.
My name is Raja Sekhar I am loving a girl her name is Harshitha will she accept my love or not if she accepts will it lead to marriage or not.
My DOB 20-11-1995 time 7:12pm date of birth place Machilipatnam,Andhra Pradesh, India
Harshitha DOB 29-11-1997 as i don't know her time and date of birth place.
Hi Raja Sekhar,

Sorry, it's hard to predict if you will get married or not in the future without knowing her birth time and place of birth. But based on your DOB, you are a very suitable match. You are dependable and full of enthusiasm about your work, with specific goals and diligent attitude. She is gentle, enthusiastic, easy-going and rich in self-sacrifice willingness. She can always give you full support and encouragement, and cooperate with you perfectly. With her beside, your reticence and obstinacy can be swept away.
Is there any little bit chances

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