My baby who passed as soon as she was born was alive again


I had a dream of my baby girl that was born to early and passed. In my dream she came back to life and I was amazed and so happy that she did. She was a few months old and so happy she was smiling and giggling. I was holding her, cradling her, and I kept looking at her and comparing her features to her sisters and telling her father how much they looked alike. I was so excited to have her back, and also afraid to to lose her again. I laid her down on the sofa, stood up, and turned around to pick her back up and she had completely disappeared. I just felt complete sadness, then I woke up. Any ideas on what this could mean? This was my first time dreaming of her and she passed 15 years ago.

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Hi Michelle,

The central meaning of your dream is about the best luck, that you will get very soon. You will have new hope after the very desperate situation. There will be good things happen to you in life or work.

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