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Need help about Chinese Lunar Calendar Conversion, 24 Solar Terms, Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches…Ask here.


4 Replies Asked by l***a | 12/30/2019 4:00:30 AM

Hello, I have been reading a lot about the chinese calendar but end up confused with the estimations. I have 4 girls and looking for a boy as my last attempt but first in trying. I want to have a boy by 2020 please help me with calculations. Was born in 1988,April

Lunar age and conception of a baby boy

2 Replies Asked by N***h | 12/30/2019 12:43:53 AM

My date of birth is 3/8/1984. Kindly tell me my lunar age and what is the most suitable time period for the conception of a baby boy?

Want to conceive a baby boy in 2020

1 Reply Asked by A***a | 12/24/2019 3:21:19 AM

I have a 9 years daughter,so I want to planning for a baby boy in 2020,which month is suitable for conceive a baby.My date of birth is 5th September 1991

Prati what to know unborn baby gender

1 Reply Asked by A***v | 12/19/2019 4:49:08 AM

Hi, 26th sep 1992 - dob and last period is on 11th sep 2019, can you please tell gender of my baby


1 Reply Asked by S***s | 12/15/2019 6:56:33 AM

I want to conceive a baby boy. Let me know suitable dates

I am confuced

1 Reply Asked by S***A | 12/14/2019 7:34:03 AM

My date of birth 08 December 1989 . January 2020 I planned a baby boy. Please choose better conceive date.

I want a baby boy

1 Reply Asked by R***a | 12/13/2019 11:47:15 AM

Hi sir as we r planning for our second baby in 2020.we already have baby girl. So , can u please prefer dates for baby boy . My wife’s date of birth may 27th 1997 time 4:30pm

lunar age and conception

1 Reply Asked by W***A | 12/9/2019 9:03:38 PM

I want to know the lunar age of my wife and when she can conceive a baby boy in 2020. Her date of birth is 09/24/1984 Thanks

Hi,. I want to get a baby boy in my second delivery.

1 Reply Asked by S***a | 12/9/2019 5:35:49 AM

Hi,. I want to get a baby boy in my second delivery. Please let me know when to conceive to get a baby boy. My date of birth is 07/19/1990.

I want to Conceive baby boy

1 Reply Asked by S***a | 12/8/2019 11:09:54 AM

Hi I want to conceive a baby boy my date of birth is 14-06-1985 plz suggest me which dates or good

bazi calculator

2 Replies Asked by e***h | 12/6/2019 11:19:35 AM

why i cannot calculate bazi for 1978 March 05?

Boy or Girl

1 Reply Asked by Y***K | 12/2/2019 9:21:13 AM

my date of birth is 02 Aug 1990...when should I try to conceive for a boy baby...

I am planning for a baby boy in 2019,2020

1 Reply Asked by S***a | 12/1/2019 7:05:50 AM

Hi,. I want to get a baby boy in my third delivery. Please let me know when to conceive to get a baby boy. My date of birth is 08/12/1989. My last menstrual periods 29/11/2019.

Checking for clashes when choosing auspicious dates

2 Replies Asked by C***g | 11/25/2019 2:19:00 AM

I understand that when choosing an auspicious date to give birth (vide c-section), the mother zodiac is taken into consideration to determine if there is a clash. Do we also need to consider other family member's zodiac to see if there is a clash? To ensure that there is no clash between the newborn and the other family members.

Want a baby boy

1 Reply Asked by A*** | 11/24/2019 6:26:00 PM

My birth day is 28/05/1990 Periods are on 26th /11/2019 Plz help me out

I want baby boy with the help of Chinese calender

1 Reply Asked by P***g | 11/24/2019 4:48:10 AM

I want to know Chinese zodiac and I want baby boy

Auspicious days and Bazi

1 Reply Asked by J***i | 11/22/2019 2:11:20 PM

Hi, I am not sure to understand how to read the chinese calendar . Per example, May 20, 2020 in general is not an auspicious day for wedding but when I click on that date to see the details, between 11:00-22:59 is auspicious for weddings. And how can 15:00-16:59 be "bad" but auspicious for wedding? Thank you, Joanne

Personality trait or Unlucky year?

0 Reply Asked by T*** | 11/22/2019 12:46:24 PM

I've noticed these past years of how lazy I've gotten. And what really confuses me about it is I'm still not sure if it's due to my unluckiness or one of my monthly signs comming into play. It could be one of my monthly signs being a goat. Seeing as how goats have had a bad reputation of lapsing into laziness. But then again, it could also be due to my yearly sign having bad luck this year. Seeing how my yearly sign is a monkey and 2019 is the year of the pig. Either that or it could be both. Besides, I have been trying to not act so lazy as I have before. Anyways, What do any of you think?

Conversion table confusion. What am I?

1 Reply Asked by S***y | 11/19/2019 5:31:42 AM

I was born on January 22, 1986. I believe I'm an Ox on the Chinese zodiac and an Aquarius on the Western astrology. I looked at the conversion table and it said something different. Please help me to figure out what I am. Thanks.

I want baby boy my LMP date 16/11/2019

1 Reply Asked by S***e | 11/17/2019 9:51:56 PM

I want baby boy my date 16/11/2019

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