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My DOB is 20Jan 1988 and conception date is 10Feb 2020 baby gender boy or girl

1 Reply Asked by M***e | 2/12/2020 7:23:40 AM

My DOB is 20Jan 1988 and conception date is 10Feb 2020 baby gender boy or girl

How to get baby boy

1 Reply Asked by A***a | 2/9/2020 10:22:22 AM

My wife date of birth as per Indian calander is 04 October 1988, when can she conceive for baby...

Trying to conceive a baby boy

1 Reply Asked by M***b | 2/8/2020 8:13:26 AM

Hi my DOB is may 30,1990 my fiance and i wants to have a baby boy, what is the best dAte for us...

I have views question, hope u don't to answer me. Thx

0 Reply Asked by A***e | 2/7/2020 8:27:17 AM

1. I born in 23 jan 1989 in 5.55Pm, whem and with who i will get married ? 2. i have mole on m...

Hi i am bhavya here conception date 27/01/2020, birth date 18/03/1991

1 Reply Asked by B***J | 2/5/2020 10:57:57 PM

i have 1 girl now i want boy baby which month is the best month please reply my msg

Prediction for baby boy

2 Replies Asked by B***h | 2/4/2020 10:48:05 PM

Hello, I am an African mother of two girls. According to the gregorian calender, I am 32years o...

noble elements

1 Reply Asked by l***h | 2/2/2020 11:01:52 PM

Dear Kendy, What is 喜神, 用神 , 饿命 ? Tq from Lucy

I want to conceive a baby boy

1 Reply Asked by A***N | 1/27/2020 8:55:21 PM

My date of birth ( english calendar ) 4th july first baby is a girl and she is 4 years ...

about the time zone of calendar

2 Replies Asked by J***o | 1/27/2020 3:36:59 PM

Dear team of YourChineseAstrology: I am visiting your site for the 24 solar terms. Could you pl...

Year of Rat?

1 Reply Asked by M***n | 1/13/2020 5:19:02 PM

Hi there I’m a female rabbit looking to get married in 2020 or 2021. Read that I should avoid ...

Gender pridiction

1 Reply Asked by Y***a | 1/12/2020 6:29:34 AM

Hii . I want to know my baby Indian date of birth is 18 Nov 1986 and my lmp is 24 No...

Regarding "Avoid anything else"

1 Reply Asked by V***n | 1/11/2020 10:54:13 PM

What does it mean when "Avoid anything else" is placed under inauspicious? Any differ...

I want to had a baby boy

1 Reply Asked by M***a | 1/11/2020 6:45:10 PM

My date of birth 06/01/1986 I had 3 girls and I really want to have my last baby but I am very ...

Chinese sign

1 Reply Asked by S*** | 1/10/2020 10:46:16 AM

Birth Dec 09 1964

baby gender

2 Replies Asked by j***e | 1/9/2020 7:12:56 AM

How to know my conception date on chinese lunar calendar my birthday is july 7 1984 and we want...

Want to conceive baby boy

1 Reply Asked by P***y | 1/5/2020 6:39:57 AM

Hi my date of birth is 10th Nov 1985. I have a 5.5 years old girl and now i want to conceive ba...

Birth Time input in calculators?

1 Reply Asked by M***r | 1/3/2020 2:04:14 AM

Dear Sir/Madam, I was born in India, so the GMT of my country is +5.30. I was born on 22nd Sep...

Prediction of gender in the year 2020

1 Reply Asked by G***t | 1/3/2020 1:32:24 AM

Am gift uzoma dob of 10th of January 1987 please I want to predict for in year 2020 when will a...

Best time to conceive a baby boy

1 Reply Asked by K***a | 1/2/2020 11:42:10 PM

Please suggest best time to conceive a baby boy. DOB:18-oct-1988 LMP:21-Dec-2019

Conception date for boy in 2020

1 Reply Asked by k***p | 1/2/2020 9:43:02 PM

Please provide conception dates for boy. Mom English date of birth 16 Nov 1988. Conception date...

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